Sockscast Episode 111
February 10th, 20XX

Sockscast Episode 111
Run Time: 3:22:51 / File Size: 92.8MB
Opening Theme: "We Are The Only Ones That Love You" by Taylor

Ohhhhh yeah, baby, the three-hour Sockscast train is back on the tracks, so get yourself comfy and ready to enjoy! In today's episode, John's shmup journeys take him deeper into Konami territory, Polly experiences the end of the world through two of the cutest little anime girls you ever did see, and Rhete's going to take us on a strategy game journey, the likes of which we weren't sure we were ready for!

And get yourself on over to the SnS Forums to find out how YOU can contribute to our massive Games of the Decade list!


SnS On The 2010s: The Top Games of the Decade
February 4th, 20XX

It's been a hot damn minute since we did one of these huge-ass ridiculous lists, and what better way to bring the ol girl back to the site than to use it to sum up an entire decade of gaming goodness?

Rhete's got the entire thing set up over on the forums, so just click here to read on about how you can go about making your voice heard in how all of this goes down. Be sure to read the instructions carefully prior to posting!

We'll keep you updated as the submission deadline approaches and we (read: Rhete) get ready to present the entire thing here!


Sockscast Episode 110
January 20th, 20XX

Sockscast Episode 110
Run Time: 2:32:07 / File Size: 69.6MB
Opening Theme: "We Are The Only Ones That Love You" by Taylor

Winter has officially hit Pollyland, at least for a few days, so this episode Polly decided to get a little snug with an anime all about being left out in the cold, and although he's trapped in Perpetual Anime Watching Land right now, Rhete's giving us his sloppy ol' leftovers from four months ago with a unique and comedic VR experience, and something is positively draining all the Life Force right out of John Thyer! What ever could it be?


God is in The Podcast Episode III:
Antichrist Superstar
January 15th, 20XX

God is in The Podcast Episode III
Run Time: 1:47:16 / File Size: 49.4MB
Our Special Guest: After5

The world's most famous videogame streamer in the world, After5, joins Polly and Taylor as we dig into what could very well be considered Marilyn Manson's magnum opus. The iconic 1996 release Antichrist Superstar takes center stage this episode. It's an album that's surely on Polly and Taylors personal top 10 albums of all-time lists, but how does it land 24 years later for a complete Marilyn Manson newbie?


Sockscast Episode 109
January 6th, 20XX

Sockscast Episode 109
Run Time: 2:09:42 / File Size: 59.3MB
Opening Theme: "We Are The Only Ones That Love You" by Taylor

And thus, did the Sockscast say, "Yes, it can finally be 20XX," as we're back providing that good, good podcasting content to kick off another hot 366 of consuming media and meeting every couple weeks or so to talk about it!

We get things started off with John taking us on a journey into the world of western-developed RPGs, Polly's taking a trip to River City to rescue her boyfriend, and Rhete's gotta solve the mystery of how 60 people died!


Taylor and Polly's Top 10 Albums of 2019 Day Two!
January 5th, 20XX

Taylor and Polly's Top 10 Albums of 2019 Day Two!
Run Time: 2:09:26 / File Size: 118MB

We ain't playin' now. It's the real deal as Polly and Taylor break down the top five albums released in 2019 and show a little love to a few that maybe didn't make the list!


Taylor and Polly's Top 10 Albums of 2019 Day One!
January 4th, 20XX

Taylor and Polly's Top 10 Albums of 2019 Day One!
Run Time: 1:30:47 / File Size: 83.1MB

Better late than never, yeah? Even though we missed the holiday festivities this year due to illness and searing awful mouth pain, that doesn't mean 2019 wasn't a year worth talking about music-wise, and that's why Taylor and Polly got ya covered once again, breaking down their top ten releases starting with entries ten to five today!


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