Polly-chan's Kawaii Fuckin' Desu Anime Reviews n' Shit
by Polly

Ahhh, those silly Japanese cartoons... With their big eyes, big boobs, and big stupid fans. For every 816,232 retarded as shit animu fans, there's one like me who isn't retarded that can talk about this shit and at least give the air of "somewhat-not-retarded."

What you'll find here are series reivews, DVD reviews, what I think you should buy, and other animu related nonsense that I see fit to write about. Yes, I said buy. Suck it, fuckface.

These write-ups WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS a lot of the time. I mean, at times they'll just fly with reckless abandon, so you have been warned and since I'm dealing with the stupidity that is the internet, each article will also have a warning at the top indicating this. You have been warned.

All opinions expressed in the articles below are right, but you're free to tell me they're not. I probably won't listen though.

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