Introducing Polly Mario Bros.!
October 27th, 2015

Download Polly Mario Bros.
(Java required to play.)

If you listened to the latest episode of the Sockscast, you probably heard me talk at length about Andrew Kellogg's EXCELLENT Mario NES Builder. If you're like me and don't have a Wii U yet and can't get in on that sweet, sweet Mario Maker action, this is at least one really solid and easy to use substitute. No coding involved, no ROM patching, just a simple point and click editor that's easy to use.

You probably also heard that I was creating my own full Mario Bros. 1 game! Well, that game is now here and free to play for all!

It spans 5 worlds with 4 stages apiece and my aim was to create a balanced and fun experience with a lot of variety and a ramp up to a really solid challenge by the end. I'm pretty happy with the results and I hope you have a bit of fun yourself if you check it out!

Now go! Jump over stuff! Shoot fireballs! Save the princess! Burn the children!


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