Random Stuffs!

This is the place to find all the random and pointless things I do for this site. A lot of this stuff may not make much sense by itself, because sometimes it's connected to whatever article or site entry it was in, but for the sake of these files having their own little home for quick and easy access, I've added this page. The things that appear here appear in no particular order.

Cock Block (by Rhete)
Fun cock blocking game from Cocksmakepeoplesexy.Net, April 1st, 2010.

Kock Kombat (by Rhete)
Fun cock fighting game from Cocksmakepeoplesexy.Net, April 1st, 2010.

Yumanika (Umineko no Naku Koro ni re-dub) (by D-Mac)
This is a very accurate dub of a Japanese Cartoon set on Ghetto Island.

Welcome To Socks Mart! - (contributions by Rhete & D-Mac) (1.3MB)
When ideas crash and burn, then rise from the ashes like a phoenix, really funny things like this happen.

The Socks Mart Online Experience! - (vocal talents by D-Mac) (1.5MB)
SMPS.Net good pal D-Mac reprises his world-famous role as the Socks Mart Bowtie Guy in the coolest Flash movie on the site.

It's Mr. Pants! - (148kb)
Just my own little shitty advertisement for the greatest puzzle game and videogame character ever fucking created!

Mr. Pants - Do De Doo - (172kb)
The fucking FEEL GOOD HIT of the year sang by the one and only, Mr. Pants!

The Beets - Killer Tofu - (295kb)
The hit that made them a household name in Bluffington now available in not-so-pristine low quality audio presented through a shitty Flash player.

F.P.O.D. - (3kb)
Kjilly. Masterpiece.

KFC's Double-Down - (by decoy octopus)
decoy was brave enough to Double-Down on this sammich's release date. Did he end up typing this review from a hospital bed after a quadruple bypass? Find out now!

The Pizza Burger™ - (by The Hutch)
There's normal peasant food and then there's The Pizza Burger™.

??? - (38kb)

Sega Genesis Week 2008 Banners
All of the Sega Genesis Week banners that were used for the event, including one that wasn't! It's banner-tastic!

kc Green's Super Funhouse of NES Icons
kc Green kindly submitted five neato icons to go along with NES Week: Part Deux's frontpage entries and you can find them all here. They've also been smell-o-vision enhanced so you can now scratch your monitor and sniff each one and experience the many odors of kc Green!

kc Green's Super Funhouse of NES Icons Part C of 2
kc Green kindly returned for yet another NES Week and brought with him some more cute lil NES icons! They're all right here, bucko!

Nintentroids (by Kjilly)
A sexy little Metroid-themed sig Kjilly made for me a couple years ago. You can drag and click around with your mouse to play with him.

Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net Presents: Contra/Super C Tunes - (3.7MB)
A flash-based music player that contains the entire Contra and Super C soundtracks for you to rock out to!

Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net Presents: Ninja Gaiden II Tunes - (5.3MB)
A flash-based music player that contains the entire Ninja Gaiden II soundtrack for your listening pleasure.

Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net Presents: Random NES Tunes - (6.3MB)
A flash-based music player that contains tracks from some of my favorite NES soundtracks.

The Adventures of Pat and i vs PI and Polly! (by Rhete)
September 19th is talk like a pirate day. I don't know what else to write for this description.

Kjilly drawed a Metroid and it will eat you alive, it will eat you alive, it will eat you alive, it will eat you alive. There'll be no more lies, there'll be no more lies, there'll be no more lies, there'll be no more lies...

The Adventures of Pat & Polly Trilogy Trailer! (by Rhete)

Polly by Micaalus (by Micaalus)
A fanart of ME by Mr. Carmichael Micaalus. My fiendish side clearly shows.

Mega Eric Lives!

Agent 47 Thinks Girls Are Icky - (2.16MB/Right Click then Save As/Requires XviD)

Windows XP Advertisement Care of SMPS - (77kb)
Microsoft decided that not enough people are aware of their operating system that enjoys about a 99 million % share all over the world, so they've decided to start advertising it on TV. I wanted to help get their creative juices going with this little number. Decoy had a hand in making up the idea, but I was the most un-lazy and actually did something about it. Snooze, ya lose, fucker.

Main Page of Death
Back when the site was a dinky 1.0, I did something wrong and evil. It can be seen here. You have to use your BACK button to get back here as none of the links on that page work anymore.

Noodle Cowboy - (by kc Green)
A wonderful rendition of a character created on one of mine and Kjilly's trips to "The Brain Zone." KC Green of Rumblo.com made this dream into a reality and is super-neato for it!

Jaq by Senkir - (447kb/Loads in new window)
Senkir's rendition of Jaq from an old project I used to work on.

Fallout's Sprite-O-Rama!
Sprites created for the original 2005 SMPS Top 10 Worst Games of All-Time article by Fallout_IIc.

Jaq's Amazing Sprite Adventures! Starring Jaq
Face and Character graphics lovingly edited by Jaq for the TOp 25 and Top 10 Games articles.

ITS MASER CHEF OLO!!!1 (by Kjilly)
A typo, turned into one of the greatest images EVER! PERIOD! Thanks to the talents of Kjilly.

Doom 3 Pistol Mod - (550kb/Right Click then Save As/Requires XviD.)
A super-secret Doom 3 mod shown here in action.

Doom 3 outtake - (1.7MB/Right Click then Save As/Requires Windows Media Player 9.0+)
It's just really fucking stupid.

The Circle Writer
I can write circles around Fallout. He sucks.

Breakfast of Pedos
First bit of nonsense that you probably won't even get if you haven't played Xenosaga. It was made for someone at a board I no longer visit who has a weird dream about being in a store and seeing a specific product. I made that dream come true in .jpg form.

GIVE IT UP FOR MEEEEE - (8.7MB/Right Click then Save As/Requires XviD).
I wish I could be this enthusiastic about something.

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