Announcing The Sockscast Episode 100 Live Show

Sockscast Episode 100 is rapidly approaching, in fact, we've even got a date and time set for it, but the most important part is that we want YOU to be a part of it if you can!

To celebrate both 100 Episodes of the Sockscast AND our five-year podcasting anniversary, we'll be hosting a very special Sockscast live over on my Twitch channel. Typically, we'd do an all call-ins show for this kind of occasion, but this time around technical limitations are going to keep us from being able to do so.

So, I've devised a backup plan that'll still let EVERYBODY that wants to be a part of the show be a part of the show, and that even includes our pals in timezones where it's harder to catch our live shows.

All the information to get yourself to the show, and more importantly ON the show is provided below.

Sockscast Episode 100 Live Show
WHEN: August 24th, 2019, 5:00PM Eastern Estimated Start Time

Method 1 - Let Yourself Be Heard:
Step 1: You're gonna need a microphone!

Get a microphone and plug that sumbitch up to your computer.

Step 2: Record Us A Message
Record us a message! Anything you gotta say or anything you wanna ask or something you'd like to see us talk about, baby, it's up to you. This isn't just our moment to shine, you've been with us every step of the way, and we want you to be there for the big show too! Wanna sing us a pretty song? Read that epic poem you wrote about your friend Patty? Propose to someone? Pretty much everything's fair game here (within reason, of course), so if ya got somethin' on your mind you'd like your Sockspals to talk about or just wanna do your own little thing, record and save it as a .mp3 (preferably) or .wav.

Step 3: Send It To Polly!
Send that hot little message of yours attached to an email on over to polly[at-sign] so that I can get it and have it ready for the show!

If you need an alternative:
Alternatively, you can also use a site like Vocaroo to record your message and send me a link to it.

Method 2 - For The Quieter Types:
If you'd rather not record a voice message just send me a plain ol' email to read on the air and I'll make sure it gets read during the broadcast!

On the day of the podcast, I'll have rounded all submitted voice messages and emails up and we'll go over each one on the podcast, responding to any comments or questions you may have for us!

So, get that noodle going and thinking about what you'd like your Sockspals to hear and/or talk about on Episode 100 and get those submissions on over to us.

The deadline for submitting messages will be 3:00PM Eastern Time on August 24th.

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