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In Memoriam

Wanted to create a little space for all those artists who’ve impacted our souls and have left this life.

Robert Hunter

Wouldn’t call myself a ‘Deadhead,’ but after watching the Long Strange Trip documentary on Amazon Prime (essential viewing if you’re a music lover) I’d put myself as an aspiring fan.  If you were going to listen to one Grateful Dead album, then ‘American Beauty’ is probably the best, and Robert Hunter penned most of the lyrics to those songs.  A poet, and musician, his words leave me listful to some distant and kind dream.  He wrote the lyrics to ‘Brokedown Palace’ and it just seems like the obvious choice to put here.

Daniel Johnston

I feel fortunate that I got to see Johnston perform live, even though it was awkward as hell.  He only did about 15 minutes of his 45 minute set as he quickly fumbled through his songs putting up with obnoxious yelling from the crowd (like during one song he was struggling with, a female yelled ‘I WOULD FUCK YOU!’ lordy that made things awkward).  Only one song shut those assholes up, ‘Devil Town,’ as the power and mantra of that song cast a silencing spell on the whole theatre I saw him in.

As my wife would say, Daniel Johnston was indie as fuck, and to this day I feel like indie bands try to emulate him, but just can’t capture the unique soul that he was.  Perhaps his music isn’t for everyone, it could be viewed as glorified amateur-ish, but I’ve always found it captivating.  ‘True Love Will Find You End’ feels too easy to put here, it’s about the closest to a ‘hit’ he’d have in the indie music space, but goddamn, this song has helped me through rough patches in my own life.       

Ric Ocasek

I haven’t delved past the first Cars album, but that record in itself is a FRONT – TO -- BACK masterpiece of Rock and Roll.  Ric was also known for producing the great ‘Blue Album’ by Weezer, and my own personal favorite Weezer album, “Everything Will Be Alright in the End.”  The track I’ve picked below is from The Cars self-titled debut.


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Re: In Memoriam

I only heard of Daniel Johnston a little while ago. I listened to Hi, How Are You when it showed up on my Youtube recommendations. Hearing a dude like that who just put his stuff out there regardless of budget or polish made me think of Wesley Willis.

I had only recently heard of Suicide before I learned of Alan Vega's passing, I keep meaning to check out more of his work.

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