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#1 2019-11-11 10:53:10

Lightning Edgeboy
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Creative Tools

Having a set of tools you vibe with makes all the difference when you're workin' on creative projects. Whether it's a certain game making program, a specific DAW, a word processor, a tablet you like, or just a pencil and paper, the tools and medium we use are what make art possible.

I wrote here about the game making tools I've used. I've sampled a bunch of others as well, like Bitsy and Pico-8. I've also had some luck with Bosca Ceoil for making music, since the big DAWs are too complicated for me and I like simple tracker programs.

If y'all have any questions on any of the tools I've dug into please feel free to ask! I really like helping folks make stuff.

What tools have y'all used? What's your medium of choice for creative work?

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