Sockscast Episode 12.1 (2/1/2015)

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Our Special Guest: Bpwner

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And so, The Powers That B said, “Let there be Sockscast,” and all was good in the land! Of course, we obviously mean “The Powers That Bpwner,” since he’s gracing our podcast with his ever-so-lovely presence and sharing his love of Dark Souls and cats fishing…or fisting…we’re not sure. Meanwhile, Rhete, Polly, and John demonstrate the virtues of having your own videogame-related podcast by not talking about videogames much at all and instead focus on cartoons, music, and other weird obsessions truly befitting a podcast about videogames!

Tune in next Sunday for Episode 12.2 where myself, Rhete, John, and Bpwner will spoil the shit out of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. If you’ve got any feedback or questions you’d like to have us yap about concerning the game, feel free to drop us an email at podcast[at-sign]!

See ya next Sunday!