Sockscast Episode 23 (7/4/2015)

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Our Special Guest: Vanor Orion

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It’s the Fourth of July weekend and the most patriotic podcast ever is celebrating with long-time Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net contributator and forumite Vanor Orion.  He’s gonna give us the low-down on his journey into PC gaming, Call of Duty, and of course, Monster Hunter! Lots of Monster Hunter! All the Monster Hunter! After that, Rhete’s watching an anime abut cute girls doing cute things in a music club and playing “Quite possibly the greatest game ever made,”  Polly’s been busy raiding tombs and playing the most delightful RPG ever, and  John’s got a bone to pick with one of your favorite games of all-time! Oh…and the ever-so-subtle lyrical genius of Till Lindemann.

This Episode References: PC Gaming, Call of Duty, Monster Hunter, Touhou 15, Sound! Euphonium, Mad Max: Fury Road, Marvel Movies, Final Fantasy VII, Hack ‘n Slash, Lindemann – Skills in Pills, Tomb: Raider: Anniversary, Child of Light, Secret of Mana, Shin Megami Tensei, EarthBound, Batman: Arkham Knight, Zero Escape 3 announcement,