SnS Album Listening Club 1: Busdriver – Perfect Hair

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Hosted by: Polly, Bpwner, Taylor, and Byron Hulcher

Don’t adjust your podcast listening devices or podcast aggregators. Your worst nightmare has come true and Polly’s boring music talks have ballooned into a separate podcast,  the SnS Album Listening Club!

The idea is simple: Four folks get together and listen to an album recommended by someone in the group and then we all get together to talk about it with some helpful clips form each track for one episode. The cycle continues for four episodes, until all four have chosen an album that the others should listen to and talk about.  We’re not exactly sure how we’re tackling the project after that, or how much interest there might be, so let’s consider these first four episodes (recorded when we all have the time) a bit of a test run.

Anyway, this first episode will focus on the 2014 release from alternative hip-hop artist, Busdriver, titled Perfect Hair.

Track Listing:
1. Retirement Ode
2. Bliss Point
3. Ego Death 
(Featuring Aesop Rock and Danny Brown)
4. Upsweep
5. When The Tooth Lined Horizon Blinks 
(Featuring Open Mike Eagle)
6. Motion Lines
7. Eat Rich
8. King Cookie-Faced (for Her)

9. Can’t You Tell I’m A Sociopath (Featuring VerBS)
10. Colonize The Moon (Featuring Pegasus Warning)
11. Untitled (Featuring Open Mike Eagle)

Be sure to let us know what you think via Twitter or give us a shout out over on the SnS forums in a topic I’ve created for this little experiment.