SnS Clubhouse Episode 1

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Hosted by: John Thyer, FreezingInferno, jetstorm4, and Zeloz

Introducing the Sliders n’ Socks Clubhouse podcast! John’s hosting, and he’s brought along some friends (Frezno, Jetstorm, and Zeloz) to talk about everyone’s favorite sockscast topic, OBSCURE OLD MAYBE-KINDA-BAD JRPGS! We’ve been playing through classics like Hydlide, SaGa, and Lagoon in the forum for a while now. It was after playing Defenders of Oasis for the Game Gear and King Colossus for the Sega Genesis that we finally decided to make a podcast of it! We go in-depth talking about our experiences with the two games, with a lot of delightful, lengthy digressions along the way. We hope you enjoy the podcast, and feel free to shoot John some feedback on Twitter¬†You can even join in on the fun at the forum!