Sockscast Episode 52 (8/14/2016)

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It’s the hottest summer on record (probably) and that means we had no choice but to break out our hottest Sockscast of the year (not likely.) ┬áIn this whiz-bang Rhete-centric episode, Rhete’s literally doing all the things, John just can’t seem to pry himself away from these Sonic games, and Polly’s about to fire John for having the worst Sonic-related opinions.

This Episode References: Alien: Resurrection, Charlotte, Code Geese, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, more Dark Souls II DLC, No Man’s Sky nonsense, Bullet Phaze and The Hunters: The Relic of the Stars i Play, SEND POLLY A SAVE FILE FOR FURI PAST BOSS 4, John’s Very Own Personal Sonic Games Marathon Part II, Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse, AM2R, RWBY, Nintendo DMCA Shenanigans, Vita games?, Worst dungeons, EVEN MORE wifey shenanigans, Games we couldn’t get into