SnS Album Listening Club: The Bronzed Chorus – Summering

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Run Time: 1:17:28 / File Size: 35.4MB
Hosted by: Polly, Bpwner, Taylor, and Byron Hulcher


Listen to the album on The Bronzed Chorus’ Bandcamp

Track Listing:
1. Don’t Go To That Pool Party
2. Books
3. Cowabunga, Ohio

4. Tin Roof Burrito
5. It Snows Here Forever

6. How Gooda Friends Are Ya?
7. Hounds of the Barrier
8. Rodeo Rodeo

9. Decollage
10. Widdly Wah (Till The Break of Dawn)

Your good pals at the Album Listening Club are back and even in a somewhat timely manner with a pick from PC Music enthusiast Byron Hulcher.  This time we’re checking out post-rock instrumentalist outfit The Bronzed Chorus’ newest offering Summering.