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Sockscast Game of the Year 2019 Day Two!
December 25th, 2019
Run Time: 3:19:51

And we wind down not only 2019, but the entire decade with the top five games that the three of us played this year along with the final salvo of listener lists to keep things nice and cozy for the holidays!

Sockscast Game of the Year 2019 Day One!
December 24th, 2019
Run Time: 2:18:25

We're here, we're queer, and it's time to reflect upon the year! That's right, it's time once again for the Sockscast end of the year Game of the Year double-episode spectacular!

On today's episode, we'll be going over our own personal favorites from the last 365 ranked 10 to 6 as well as a huge glut of listener lists, so settle in and get comfy!

Sockscast Episode 107
December 9th, 2019
Run Time: 3:00:46

Hard to believe, but here we are. The final "normal episode" of the Sockscast of 2019 before we cruise into end of the year shenanigans, and also the final regular episode of the DECADE!

So, we decided to drag our good pal Samurai Karasu out of podcast retirement to join us once again, and he's on all sorts of wacky adventures, but specifically catching some -mons. Polly's embarked once again on the S.S. Idea Factory (which can only go well), Rhete's feelin' pretty awful this episode but that won't stop him from laying waste to any wicked hellspawn that threaten our world, and John's still on his PS1 RPG kick with the absolutely delightful Legend of Mana!

Sockscast Episode 106
November 25th, 2019
Run Time: 2:45:11

We were all in love with castin', we were drinkin' from a fountain, that was pourin' like an avalanche comin' down the mountain. This time around on ye olde Sockscast, Polly's been banished to fairytale jail for a dungeon crawling adventure, John's got some complicated feelings he needs to work out about the Suikoden series, and Rhete's anime viewing habits are the only thing that can keep this episode from being a total downer.

Polly & After5 Interview Sean Chiplock
November 18th, 2019
Run Time: 1:32:14

On this special edition of The Sockscast, Polly is joined by Sockscast Pal After5 as we welcome aboard Professional Voice Actor, Sir Sean Chiplock for an extended interview. Best get your best set of ears on and pay attention because Sean takes us through the ins and outs of being a professional voice actor with an eye-opening amount of honesty and an entire truck load of humor!

Sockscast Episode 105
November 11th, 2019
Run Time: 2:43:54

Got a hot new Sockscast that's just bursting at the seams with content as Polly completes the journey through Trails of Cold Steel III, John's choice in games continues to demonstrate just how much of a big ol brain he is after devils make him cry, and Rhete finds himself immersed in the burgeoning "Portal, but boring" genre.

Sockscast Episode 104
October 28th, 2019
Run Time: 2:36:34

If it came down to your one true love or The Sockscast, we know we'd be in good shape, because they're one in the same! This time around, Rhete's over here using videogames to get S-W-O-L-E, John becomes a demon-slaying bishie-boy, and Polly's long-awaited re-enrollment at Thors Military Academy has finally come to be! And let's not forget the bloodbath Rhete and John engage in over Symphogear...

Sockscast Episode 103
October 14th, 2019
Run Time: 3:03:11

The Sockscast welcomes Jetstorm4 back to the show after five years of having not been on an episode, and he's gonna help us navigate through all the feelings we have about these danged RPGs. After that, we're gonna check to see if John's alliances are still alive, find out if Polly opinions on a certain game are divisive, and Rhete's going to cry us through the end of the Symphogear saga!

Sockscast Episode 102
September 23rd, 2019
Run Time: 2:41:06

Just because the summer's winding down into autumn doesn't mean your pals at the Sockscast are winding down with it! In this episode, Rhete's finally done the one thing no human being has ever managed to do, John's in shmup land and may have found the next Sockscast-Approved game, and Polly is here to make your dreams her personal playground! Also, this episode, Sockspal FreezingInferno joins us to talk the new Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening remake!

Sockscast Episode 101
September 9th, 2019
Run Time: 3:13:18

Welcome to a post-Sockscast Episode 100 world where almost literally nothing has changed! Or has it... On today's episode, Rhete's got a feels trip coming on at the end of Trails in the Sky The 3rd, Polly's diggin' through the ditches and burning through the witches and she brought her nun's habit for extra holiness points, and John's really feeling some kind of way about Chantelise!

Sockscast Episode 100
August 24th, 2019
Run Time: 4:02:54

The Sockscast celebrates 100 Episodes with some special guest call-ins, listener emails and voice messages, and even a musical number or two! This is truly a Sockscast for the ages that you simply won't want to miss!

Sockscast Episode 99
August 12th, 2019
Run Time: 2:51:46

The Sockscast broadcasts its final episode as a double-digit wonder, and we're leaving our double digits in style this time around with an episode that ended up strangely packed full of Japanese Cartoons! John's back on his Nasuverse kick checking out Garden of Sinners, Rhete's watching some weird show about magical girls who are also idols but also Eva pilots, and we round out the last hour of the episode with a timely spoilercast for Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion!

Sockscast Episode 98
July 29th, 2019
Run Time: 3:07:51

Midsummer madness strikes the Sockscast and we've come loaded with three massive hours of conversation to help you stay cool wherever you may be! In this episode, Polly attempts to understand what Ibuki meant when she said the world of girls' love is "slippery when wet," John has completely given up but not enough that he can't appreciate Mega Man 11, and Rhete still has his hard hat and hammer out in Mario Maker world, but has enough time to render judgement on other videogames as well.

Sockscast Episode 97
July 8th, 2019
Run Time: 2:16:37

Can you believe that in this post-Independence Day edition of the Sockscast that there aren't any neighbors with leftover fireworks on hand to interfere with things? That means you'll get to hear us gush for 17 hours straight about Mario Maker 2! And if that's not enogh, John's out here watching weird and creepy movies, Rhete's attacking titans, and Polly has some very important and correct opinions to share about Dragon Quest XI!

Sockscast Episode 96
June 17th, 2019
Run Time: 2:44:44

We're COMPLETELY out of control this episode! The future is John Thyer's to command, as is this episode of the Sockscast, so of course you can bet he's gonna take us on a wild ride through the world of SaGa and maybe even change a few hearts and minds along the way. After that, Rhete's reaching the depths of the sea only to find himself washed ashore on a deserted island where he runs into Polly who's mysteriously taken up bartending as a side-job to her usual alien-blasting activities.

Oh, and I guess some big games reveal thing happened, too? We might talk about it.

Sockscast Episode 95
May 27th, 2019
Run Time: 2:59:06

What better way to once again celebrate our triumph over nature, collectively dropkicking the winter season into the sun to welcome some warmer summer vibes than a hot new Sockscast for your ear holes? In this episode John's ready to take on all alien forces that would threaten our world's livelihood from any corner of space, Polly's embarked on a grand, maybe Dragon Slaying adventure, and Rhete kicks off a Falcom/Trails in the Sky love-fest in which we successfully manage to avoid spoiling anything at all!

Sockscast Episode 94
May 13th, 2019
Run Time: 1:54:37

Gotta hot new Sockscast ready, fresh out of the oven for your listening pleasure! In this episode, Rhete's donned his finest maid uniform and stashed a few thousand daggers up under it for maximum lethality, John's still in search of his moon princess, and Polly is here to sell you on the raw potato agenda!

Sockscast Episode 93
April 29th, 2019
Run Time: 2:45:03

Okay, we've been gone for almost a month, but real life keeps folks busy like that sometimes. That just means there's plenty of stuff to talk about, like John's foray into interacting with media that's not aggressively bad (at least for a while), Rhete's still playing Saykeeroh but he's also on a lightning round of about a hundred other things too, and Polly's taking Rhete's lead from last episode and getting lost in the Scramble as well!

Sockscast Episode 92
April 1st, 2019
Run Time: 2:53:33

Nope, it's not April Fool's. It's just us, your friendly neighborhood Sockscast crew getting together without any kinda special shenanigans. Today, we're joined by Sockscast Artist Sayara who'll be going over his recent trip to the world of Japanland. All that and we still have time for John to finally experience an existence lacking any sort of Fate-related content ever and Rhete finds himself lost in the Scramble!

Sockscast Episode 91
March 18th, 2019
Run Time: 2:29:57

As winter takes its last gasps (THANK GOD) here in the states, your pals at the Sockscast are still keeping the fires of "good conversation" going with Rhete blazing trails through the skies AND space, John is probably talking about some more Fate stuff or something, and Polly seeing a surprising end to her recent run of the survival horror genre. I can see you're almost as excited as I am to download this one!

Sockscast Episode 90
February 25th, 2019
Run Time: 3:02:02

Hot diggity dang, we're back with another jam-packed episode of The Sockscast and we've even brought our official fourth, Beepner, along just to make sure there's loads of things worth talking about! Beepner kicks things off by telling us about his adventures as princess in the Mushroom Kingdom, Rhete has fallen in love with the only TRUE Battle Royale experience worth having, Polly's lost inside another gosh dang scary mansion, and John wants to be enlightened on the true nature of music criticism.

Sockscast Episode 89
February 11th, 2019
Run Time: 2:44:21

Don't feel lonley, your pals at The Sockscast will be your Valentine this coming Valentine's Day! All you have to do is sit back and listen to them blabber on and on about all the things they've been up to lately. Rhete spent his time being freaked out by zombies and being chased around by DMX, Polly took a trip to Crossbell and, of course, tears were shed, and John's making sure he never forgets anything again with his shiny new chain of memories!

Sockscast Episode 88
January 28th, 2019
Run Time: 1:50:35

And we're back with 2019 in full gear, and your pals at the Sockscast have certainly been up to quite a bit since the last episode! On the docket today, Polly's taken a trip to a cursed mansion, Rhete now knows the difficult life of being sentient space suit, and John's...ya know...Fate stuff again...

Sockscast Episode 87
January 14th, 2019
Run Time: 2:45:03

Your favorite talking head internet pals return with the first Sockscast of 2019, jam-packed with all sorts of topics that have just been building up and building up over the course of the holidays. Rhete's got himself some videogames to talk about as well as some anime ABOUT videogames, Polly has found the perfect game that exemplifies everything that is John Thyer, and John's gonna get all touchy and feely with more ways than one!

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