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Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net's End of the Year Podcast Spectacular!
December 21st, 2021

Here it is! Your one-stop shop for all of Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net's end of the year spectacular! New episodes will appear here at their designated date and time!

The ALC's Top 10 Albums of 2021
Day One
Day Two

The Sockscast Game of the Year 2021
Day One
Day Two

As always, a special thank you to all those who have contributed and who have come out to the live shows or downloaded and listened to us over the past 365! We hope to keep doing whatever it is we do that you enjoy all the way through 2022 as well, so we'll catch you after the new year, you buncha lovelies.

Sockscast Episode 147
November 28th, 2021
Run Time: 2:26:55

And we arrive at our final regularly scheduled Sockscast of 2021 before our end of the year festivities begin on December 21st! We close the year out with Rhete's final thoughts on Japanese Cartoon Capital-R Romance, John's devotion to his many, many wives, and Polly's recent acceptance into the Fight With Your Big Ol Brain Army.

The SnS Album Listening Club:
Limp Bizkit - Still Sucks

November 21st, 2021
Run Time: 1:50:57

The SnS Album Listening Club makes a special return visit to your podcast headspace! Proof that there's plenty to still be thankful for!

This episode, the ALC welcomes a new member to the table, Psychic Heist, who brings a huge love and knowledge of music with him! And we're gonna use all that expertise to review the new Limp Bizkit offering Still Sucks! This is how you utilize your talent pool, folks.

Sockscast Episode 146
November 14th, 2021
Run Time: 2:33:06

Did you know it's Game of the Year season? Well, you'll find out right at the start of his hot new episode of The World's Favorite and Only Podcast about Videogames! Once things get rollin', John lets us know if Konosuba can keep up the steam for its last three volumes, Rhete's school idol days are well and truly never-ending, and Polly's caught between a rock and two love interests.

Sockscast Episode 145
October 31st, 2021
Run Time: 2:45:05

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, ALL OF YA SCARIES! Celebrate the scaring season with your Sockscast pals as we...well...just kinda do what we always do! But more spooky! Probably! In this thrilling episode John's light novel obsession may be out of control at this point, Rhete's a squid now, and find out how things went for Polly and John at the Bad End Theater! There's also another BIG OL Metroid love fest at the end of this one, so you have been warned!

Sockscast Episode 144
October 11th, 2021
Run Time: 2:55:37

Ring in autumn with your Sockscast pals! In this episode, the next leg of John's Xeno journey comes to a close, Polly's up to some comedic stealth shenanigans, and Rhete's still not gonna do anything but watch a bunch of anime! There's also some Metroid Prime discussion near the end of the episode, but nothing spoilery, but we give you a chance to bail once you get there if you still wanna stay blind.

Sockscast Episode 143
September 27th, 2021
Run Time: 2:48:19

Yoooo yer Sockscast pals are back and we're gonna get you all caught up on the various shenanigans we've been up to for the last month. Rhete's either still in the midst of or is now recovering from Anime Salvo 2021 Part 2, John just can't stop getting pulled into alternate worlds, and Polly's finally gone full on virtual.

Sockscast Episode 142
August 22nd, 2021
Run Time: 3:29:33

Your Sockscast dreams have finally come true, it's The Rhete Episode! He took a two-week vacation and binged every single bit of anime he possibly could, and we're gonna hear about a lot of 'em! John also indulged in some more western animated tomfoolery. We cap the episode off with an impromptu Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time spoilercast, but don't worry, we give you a chance to bail if you're looking to stay blind to that!

Sockscast Episode 141
August 1st, 2021
Run Time: 2:47:28

Welcome to a new era of the podcast! Right up at the top, our good pal Taylor welcomes you with our new podcast intro theme, "It's The Only Podcast," so huge thanks for that and we hope you enjoy too!

Once the show gets-a-rollin', John's gonna take us on a lovely trip through Itch World, where all the good small games live, Rhete's Yakuza Quest wraps up with a critical hit, and Polly's diving into the blood and guts of the newest Mortal Kombat flick!

Sockscast Episode 140
July 19th, 2021
Run Time: 3:25:33

It's the BIG ASS WELCOME BACK episode of the podcast and we are just chock full to the brim with nothing but that good stuff. John's on a shmup binge to end all shmup binges, Rhete's Crossbell adventures reach a staggering and mind-blowing climax, and Polly's death marching to the end of the world.

Sockscast Episode 139
June 7th, 2021
Run Time: 2:59:36

If ya need yourself something comfy and cozy to relax to, I'm sure this jam-packed episode of The Sockscast has you covered in one way or another. John's waited 358/2 Days to finally be able to talk about Kingdom Hearts again, Rhete's adventures in Crossbell are gettin' mighty spicy, and Polly's making contracts with demons and that's probably okay...we think...

Sockscast Episode 138
May 17th, 2021
Run Time: 3:19:38

The Sockscast is ready to get all back up in them earholes with another episode full of absolute bangers you won't wanna miss. Rhete's hopefully going to realize his dream of seeing his favorite idol perform at the Budokan, John's recently acquired bounty hunter's license is coming in handy, and Polly's having nightmares about how good everything's she's bringing to the show is! On top of that, FreezingInferno joins us for an in-depth Fate discussion literally everyone's been waiting for!

Sockscast Episode 137
May 3rd, 2021
Run Time: 3:26:28

We're off to the races with another finger lickin' good episode of your favorite hear no evil, see no evil, talkin' no bullshit podcast. In this episode, John's going full dumpster dive, Polly's brought nothing but bangers, and Rhete needs us to help deconstruct the idea of horse girls and the world they live in.

Sockscast Episode 136
April 19th, 2021
Run Time: 2:54:00

We're joined this episode by Nert, a fellow streamer and all around rad duder and he's gonna learn us about some time looping werewolf and be our best buddy! Also this episode, John has rediscovered his Devil May Cool, Rhete holds a public execution for John, and Polly has NO time for any dang videogames, only cartoons!

Sockscast Episode 135
April 4th, 2021
Run Time: 2:27:55

Another fresh hot serving of Sockscast for your special pretty and very important face comin' right up! In this bursting with spring energy edition, John's keeping things Simpe and Clean, Polly's once again doused herself in blood, and Rhete's putting a cap on Operation: Northern Cross.

Sockscast Episode 134
March 15th, 2021
Run Time: 2:14:28

This episode starts off with quite the banger of a discussion. You're just gonna have to trust me on this one. Once things have calmed down and we're recovered however, John's gonna catch your heart with a little bit of Precure, Rhete's on a mission to find out of war ever truly changes, and Polly's experiences in witchcraft may have ended up a bit uneven. After all that, Rhete and John have a completely non-spoilery discusson about OMORI starting at 1:44:43 lasting through the remainder of the show. Again, there's no spoilers, but in case you still wanna go in completely blind, we got you covered.

Sockscast Episode 133
February 28th, 2021
Run Time: 2:50:59

If you're looking for an episode of the show that's packed full of JRPG goodness, look no further because we got a lot of Ys IX up front as well as John Thyer's Very Own Xenogears Spoilercast (from 41:07 - 1:33:45 if you're looking to stay blind to that game.) From there, Polly's going to hack the planet, and Rhete's on the receiving end of Bowser's Fury.

Sockscast Episode 132
February 8th, 2021
Run Time: 2:54:58

We have jam packed this three hours with as much as we possibly can. It's just bursting with the seams with John's back from his vacation in Duckburg and he's got some interesting stories for us, Rhete's letting his inner monster out, and Polly's got some more ninja'ing to do, but first she'll have to pry herself away from her Alchemy Pot.

Sockscast Episode 131
January 25th, 2021
Run Time: 3:25:19

Holy wow, do we have a chonker of an episode this time around, so get yourself comfy and enjoy our tales of heroism... By which I mean playing videogames. This episode, Rhete's got some bunny ears and dodging bullets, John's Rance saga continues finding the stupidest of highs, and Polly just can't get enough of hunting for items that facilitate progression toward the next area. Also, cloacas.

Sockscast Episode 130
January 10th, 2021
Run Time: 2:52:27

The Sockscast lands safely in the new year, and we're back all up in your grill with a whole load of things we got up to during the holidays. Highlights include John sinking to the depths of Hell itself, Rhete being completely puzzled by numbers, and Polly's meeting with a bunch of weirdo cultists. All that and a whole bunch of shmup talk! We love shmups!

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