Sockscast Episode 107
December 9th, 2019
Run Time: 3:00:46

Hard to believe, but here we are. The final "normal episode" of the Sockscast of 2019 before we cruise into end of the year shenanigans, and also the final regular episode of the DECADE!

So, we decided to drag our good pal Samurai Karasu out of podcast retirement to join us once again, and he's on all sorts of wacky adventures, but specifically catching some -mons. Polly's embarked once again on the S.S. Idea Factory (which can only go well), Rhete's feelin' pretty awful this episode but that won't stop him from laying waste to any wicked hellspawn that threaten our world, and John's still on his PS1 RPG kick with the absolutely delightful Legend of Mana!

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