The Sockscast Crew

These are the amazingly sexy people that make The Sockscast the premiere podcast for all things whatever on the entire internet! At first you’ll love them, then you’ll love them EVEN MORE!

The Main Sockscast Crew

About: Polly is the amazingly awesome host of the Sockscast and almost unfairly talented webmistress of Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net, which will soon celebrate its 10th year of operation.  She’s been writing independently about games since 2002, which pretty much makes her an expert at this point. 

She is currently anxiously awaiting the release of Doof Grapes.

Website: Inconsequential Existence

About: Rhete is an award-winning Flash animation and game creator and the official Co-Editor of Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net. His long-running i vs PI series, Project Inthri shmups, and Hunters: Relic of Stars, are the crowning achievements in his body of work, and if not for him, articles and reviews probably wouldn’t have made it to the site in any decent amount of time.

He is currently still dedicated to never giving up on Flash 4.

John “Dooshbag Babyboy” Thyer
Website: Far Away Times

About: John Thyer, aka: Crono_Maniac, has been a consistent contributator to Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net for years and is probably the most enthusiastic and excitable person we know. In recent years, he’s become quite the indie game developer, creating games that have their own unique personality. He also finds a disturbing amount of joy in things that can cause him a great deal of suffering.

He is currently supporting the frogification of gaming.

Episodes: 2, 6, 12.1, 12.2, 40
Album Listening Club Co-Host
Website: Bpwner on Twitter

About: Bpwner is the Sockscast’s “official fourth” host. He’s our “go-to” guy due to his ability to always be knowledgeable, funny, and god damn…dat sexy voice! He’s also contributated a number of great reviews to Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net, is a damn fine Let’s Player, and is also a really good artist, even though he likes to hide it a lot.

He is currently still ogling Shantae.

Our Sockscast Pals!
(Mostly in order of appearance!)

Website: Wishing Stars
Episodes: 16, 45
Sayara is the creative genius behind the Sockscast album covers as well as the individual episode album arts you see on this website. He vomits onto the canvas and all the feelings come out and is also the only person on the site other than Polly who enjoys Death Grips.

He is currently an old man and being fooled.

Album Listening Club Co-Host

About: Taylor became involved in all this Socksmakepeoplesexy/Sockscast silliness when she and Polly bonded over the most natural things ever:  Their love of Coheed and Cambria and porn.  What else do you bond over when you meet someone on Tumblr?

Along with co-hosting our roundtable Album Listening Club podcast, Taylor is also a musician and is known to kick out those tasty jams from time to time.

She is currently probably posting porn on Twitter and/or Tumblr.

Episodes: 3.1, 3.2, 42

About: Maple is a Level 99 Tummymancer and likes tummies a lot. Maple is also a pretty big fan of roguelikes and also a huge fan of tummies. Maple is also a gay dog and likes tummies.

Maple is currently looking at tummies.

Thom (Jetstorm4)
Website: Thom on Twitter
Episodes: 4

About: If, for whatever reason, you find yourself looking to go on a JRPG binge, look no further than Thom, as he’s played or heard of every single one in existence. He and John are also currently involved in a rather deep and complex and forbidden romance.

He is currently playing a JRPG.

Website: Raquel on Twitter
Episodes: 6, 32.2

About: If you ever find yourself in desperate need of an intermission fairy Raquel’s got you covered. Her love for any and all things The Legend of Zelda-related knows no bounds, nor does her love of Bpwner, for that matter.

She is currently inspectin’ dat booty.


Episodes: 7

About: Despite the fact that his website is named “,” you can rest assured that it is in no way a porn site, so stop saying it is, okay? Of all the guests and actual hosts of the podcast, Moosey probably has the most modern of tastes, though his undeniable love and adoration for Majora’s Mask will always reside deep in his heart.

He is currently Jeff Gerstmann

Website: EriksJoystick on Twitch
Episodes: 13, 43

About: Erik holds the honor of being the most famous videogame streamer on Twitch. Fun-loving and easy-going are the best way to sum up Erik’s personality and the overall mood of his streams. Erik is a big fan of dumping in the shower and being in the most hideous timezone when it comes to trying to plan things with him.

He is currently eager to take a big dump the moment he gets home.

Website: FreezingInferno on YouToob
Episodes: 14

About: FreezingInferno is the only person alive to have ever beaten Battletoads on the NES. On top of that lofty achievement, he is also a years-long contributator to Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net and is also a very well established Let’s Player with a silly voice.

He is currently beating every hard game ever.

dmacDeven Mack
Website: D-Mac on Twitter
Episodes: 15.1, 15.2

About: Deven Mack is the most successful, talented, and sought-after voice artist in every industry requiring voice talent, and is also the most critically-acclaimed voice over director in the last twenty-seven centuries. His love of Samurai Pizza Cats knows no bounds, nor does his love of sportsball.

He is currently married to a basketball.

Website: Gremz on Twitter
Episodes: 17

About: Gremz is a world-famous YouTube personality and is currently the only streamer to amass over 200,000,000 followers. Along with ruling over her vast new media empire, Gremz can be found yappin’ it up on the Twitterbox and immersing herself in many, many, many (many) tabletop RPG sessions.

She is currently rolling for initiative.

Pat Roesle
Website: Beyond Easy
Episodes: 18

About: Pat is probably the reason most of you are even here in the first place, and isn’t it a damn dirty shame that it took us this long to have him on?

We all know Pat and we love Pat. Aside from the amazing amount of quality content he’s turned in for Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net, his awesome webcomic work definitely deserves more attention, as do his literary pieces The Zeroes and All The Lonely People are definitely worth some of your time.

He is currently living the Virgin Islands dream.

Mike Foster
Website: Mike on Twitter
Episodes: 19.1, 19.2

About: An avid dog lover, player of every single MMO in existence (even the ones you’ve never heard of that aren’t even in development yet!), and the undisputed Champion of All Videogames, Mike sure brings a lot to the table, and you’d be a fool to try and match his merits. He’s also an accomplished writer and has previously been an editor at and helped launch Massively Overpowered, a fresh new news and opinion hub for all your MMO needs.

He is currently [redacted].

Styles “The Hutch” Rockman
Website: Hutch on Twitter
Episodes: 20

About: Styles “The Hutch” Rockman (he’ll always be Hutch to me, dammit!) has been with the Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net community since its inception. He’s contributed many reviews and writings to the site over the years, been active on the forums, and generally a pain in Polly’s ass for as long as she can remember (but she still lurves him.)  When he’s not blabbering with the Socks crew, he’s usually doing theater type stuff and being a big ol’ Silly Billy.

He is currently being’ a big ol’ Silly Billy.

Pauncho Smith
Website: Pauncho on Twitter
Episodes: 21

About: Pauncho Smith came from out of nowhere and landed in the Socks community the way a lot of folks did. Naked in front of his computer. More than just a man however, Pauncho is a permanent fixture of our day-to-day twitterings and has achieved more than a small victory with the success of his hitbox streams. And when he’s not hanging around us buncha jizzlobbers, he can usually be found swooning the ladies with his karaoke and visual novel reading skills.

He is currently cuckoo for caca.

Vanor Orion
Episodes: 23

About: Vanor Orion has been strutting his stuff around the SMPS community for a number of years delivering posts and articles that would rival even the mighty Spyda K in length and substance. When he’s not typing his way through any number of keyboards in a day, he’ll be found DEFINITELY NOT playing a 3D pig disgusting Mario game.

He is currently the reinforcements.

Episodes: 24
Website: michellybells on Twitter

About: Michelle hails from the FAR FLUNG FUTURE OF FREAKING TOMORROW! Like…literally. She is FROM TOMORROW.  Or Japan…Whichever’s clever.  She has an unrivaled love of all things retro and has the collection to prove it. Like, on the real, she probably has 23 copies of your favorite game. Other than that you can find her yappin’ on the ol’ Twitterbox and catch her writings here and there and if you’re lucky, she may notice you!

She is currently still advising Polly to, “Keep climbin’!”

Byron Hulcher
Episodes: 25
Album Listening Club Co-Host
Website: byronhulcher on Twitter

About: Good ol Byron has been with Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net since nearly the beginning.  We essentially watched the little nerd grow up from parental lockout programs kicking him out of our IRC channel to a dude that somehow got married and stuff.  Weirdness.  He’s also been involved with a number of musical endeavors over the years that have all been interesting and fun and if you want, he’ll talk to you about the Fallout series for seven hours.

He is currently still unsure if his contrary opinions make him a bad person or not.

Samurai Karasu
Episodes: 28, 60
Website: Ranger Retrospective 

About: Samurai Karasu is an accomplished Let’s Player, having succeeded in earning .000008% of the monthly income that PewDiePie does. His only aspirations in life are to be, “Just like that, but worse,” and if his videos are any indication, things are going quite swimmingly.  He is also fond of teenagers in spandex jumping around and kicking each other while also piloting giant mechanical dinosaurs and such.

He is currently the world’s only Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers blogger. No, seriously…

Peaches (Yarrum)
Episodes: 31 
Website: Peaches on Twitter

About: Peaches is yet another in the long line of 8 Easy Bits/Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net stalwarts still hanging around us losers for some reason. He loves him some tabletop gaming and has a tendency to find himself lost while traversing those labyrinthine subway transit systems. He also created “Watch Out For Snakes,” his own webcomic, that he’s totally gonna bring back to life someday.  Any day now…

He is currently still trying to find his way home…

Episodes: 34, 58
About: Polly and Ashley actually met back in the heady days of Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast, but as life does sometimes, they drifted apart and didn’t actually end up finding one another until almost 14 years later. Since reuniting, they’ve become even greater friends.

Ashley is a huge survival horror nerd and probably loves just about every terrible game you can think of! She’s also always eating her fishes’ fish food.  She’s also fond of going on Polly’s streams and podcasts and being EXCEPTIONALLY RUDE with interruptions.  Polly still loves her anyway though.

She is currently 5396.

Episodes: 36
Website: Raydio on Twitter
About: Raydio is Sayara’s long-suffering companion and collaborator.  He’s currently in the trenches working on a visual novel titled Suijoki Academy.

Along with Polly and Sayara he is final boss in the trilogy of Death Grips fanatics you’ll find on this site and podcast.  He stays noided and he’s seen footage, so beware.

He is currently making sure Sayara understands that he’s a bitch.

Episodes: 37
Website: Dr.Nooooooo on Dumblr
About: Dr. Noooooo is is the center of the known universe. He is the one and only Rappy Bucket and we are all fortunate enough to live there.

Polly and Rhete have had the good fortune of knowing this fine fellow since the good ol’ Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online days and have basically watched him grow up into the fine, upstanding Rappy Bucket he is today.

He is currently still the mascot of the Rappy Mob Syndicate.

Episodes: 38
Website: Rainiac on Twitter
About: Rainiac is the only (supposed) Brit to ever appear on the Sockscast and he better damn well appreciate the trouble we went through to have him on.

He’s also a fairly accomplished Let’s Player, has won Let’s Play competitions over at the SnS forums, and gee golly, he’s just a really nice guy to boot.  He’s also a big fan of wrasslin’ and he wants to tell you all about that one time John Cena did the thing.

He is currently under suspicion.

Nate (Zenatoto)
Episodes: 41
Website: Nate Nite
About: Nate, or as many of us may know him as, Zenatoto joined the Socks Community when we started having Let’s Play competitions in our, unfortunately now defunct, Let’s Play Forum.  There he went on to perform admirably in every game he played!

Besides being good at both good and arguably bad videogames, Nate’s also a musician, filmmaker, and produces lots and lots of other content around the ol’ interbutts.

He is currently .04 points better than Frezno.

Episodes: 44
Website: Gesh on YouTube
About: Gesh is our good pal from Germany who also became a part of the Socks Crew through our…unfortunately, now defunct, Let’s Play forum.  He, too, was one of the best performers Let’s Play Olympics events ever saw.

Aside from that Gesh loves Hina. He wants to marry her someday. Not just like…buy a body pillow and marry it, but like…actually transplant his consciousness into a Touhou game just so he can have a shot at marrying her.

We’re wishing him the best.

Julian (theMirai)
Episodes: 46
Website: Julian on Twitter
About: Polly met Julian through random chance from having read articles he’d written for an older, now defunct, website.  Over the years they’ve been pretty good pals, even if Julian hasn’t been on much SMPS content.

Julian is a primarily a writer, but you can also find him being a needle in anti-SJW-type folks’ side if you cruise around the interbutts a bit.

He is current bearded (hopefully.)

Carmichael Micaalus
Episodes: 4755.2
Website: Carmichael’s Art
About: Carmichael’s been a huge part of the Socks community for a number of years. You may not have always seen him, but he’s been there, posting really cool art work and doing cute birthday sketches for folks forever.

Aside from drawing he, like so many others on this podcast, loves him some Touhou and more recently The Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

He is actually, for serious, the nicest dude in the world.