Polly and Rhete Talk Over...

We want to watch you play videroo games, because we don't want to play them ourselves.
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Polly and Rhete Talk Over...

Postby Polly » Fri Oct 07, 2016 9:18 am

As of late, myself and my good pal Rhete (you might know him!) have done a couple post-commentary vids where a game is played and we talk about it and make observations. We enjoyed the idea so much that we decided to make it its own little show (WITH NO SCHEDULE WHATSOEVER!) and you'll be able to catch all the hot updates here as well as the playlist linked below!

Polly and Rhete Talk Over... Playlist

The Episodes

Polly and Rhete Talk Over Contra: Hard Corps
If you're gonna get something off to a good start, it's probably a good bet to have Contra related to it somehow, so we have ourselves a discussion about one of the best Sega Genesis games ever!

Polly and Rhete Talk Over Gradius II (Arcade)
Another classic Konami game? You betcha! We have ourselves a look at one of the lesser talked about entries in Konami's renowned shmup series.

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