In this forum you will find a very big announcement regarding the Sliders 'n Socks forums.
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Postby Polly » Sat Nov 05, 2016 7:15 pm

Hello, dear Socks friends. For the last ten or so years we've made this wonderful little forum our home. We've laughed and argued, but most importantly this forum was hugely integral to this community becoming what it is. The long line of friendships that started here are pretty amazing to stand back and look at, so first and foremost, I want to thank everyone, present and past, who ever participated and made this wonderful little community the comfy little place it's become known for.

With that said, I've decided it's time to go ahead and put the forums to bed. For well over a year, things have been pretty silent around here, and with the rise in popularity of various modes of social media and chat programs like Skype and Discord, everyone seems to be more connected than ever, and quite frankly, there's just not much use in keeping this place maintained any longer.

What this means, is that the forums are still gonna be here for archival purposes, but no new registrations or posts can be made except for this topic. If you have any final thoughts you'd like to leave for the forums you're more than welcome to do so here.

If you wanna keep up with various Sock friends, it's not too hard to find any of us on places like Twitter or Tumblr, and you're always free to shoot me a message via email or PM for a link to our Discord server.

So, thanks again everybody for making this place everything it has been, and we hope to continue seeing you all on a daily basis (just as most of us have been) on social media or messaging/chat services of some sort.
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Postby Carmichael Micaalus » Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:43 pm

It's sad to see this place go, but it's also understandable.

I've probably joined somewhere around half a dozen to a dozen forums since I started using the internet, but this is the second forum that I actually stuck around on for more than a week or so. I've met a lot of amazing people, got inspirations from here, and had a lot of good times. Fortunately I still talk to many of you on twitter or in discord, but for the rest, I hope you all do well. Thanks for the good times, people.
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Postby skibo » Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:04 am

Sad :(. Alright everyone, let's move over to the VGCATS forum.
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Postby Bpwner » Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:15 am

I'll say here what I wanted to say on the Sockscast call-in show that I wasn't able to attend.

I was introduced to SMPS through, oddly enough, Shin Megami Tensei. I had gotten into the series around 08-09 and came across the series write-ups on HG101, from which I discovered Pat's FF articles and SMPS from there. I hadn't been active on any forums for a couple of years, as I saw that as something that had belonged to a different phase of my life, but I lurked about SMPS for a while before deciding to join SnS in 2010. I submitted a couple of reviews, not anticipating that anyone would actually want to read my banal crap, but Polly accepted them and I felt like this was a place where I could stick around for a while. The existence of a Let's Play subforum spurred me to try my hand at talking over video games, and for some reason people seemed to enjoy it when I did that.

I later bonded with folks like Polly, Rhete, and Chelsea over the various incarnations of Phantasy Star and dumb Japanese cartoons and Contra and what not. What set SnS apart from forums I had frequented before was a low tolerance for hateful bullcrap and a family atmosphere that you really only get with a small community of like-minded nerds, a rare thing that only comes together once in a lifetime. Though people came and went over the years and the changing shape of how people interact on the Internet outgrew the message board format, I consider the SMPS community my "home" on the Internet and I can't imagine being online without those friendships that I've made with you fine people. Even though I was relatively late to the Socks game, my memories of this place are my anchor even as online interaction continues to move to the rapid-fire beat of social media.

I changed my avatar to Eikichi Mishina from Persona 2 for purposes of this post, as he was kind of my theme in those days.
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Postby Gesh86 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:28 pm

Sad news to be directed to :( . The Socksforum had a sort of quintness to it that really appealed to me. That includes people being always pleasant and positive. Such an atmosphere is definitely not what you can expect from many places on the internet.

At least it's only the forum and not the whole team throwing in the towel for the website. I'll be checking the sockscast frequently and listen in from time to time.
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Postby Rainiac » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:17 am

I kind of figured this was coming at some point given the lack of activity but I'm still sorry to see this place go. I've made some really good friends here, friends that I will of course remain in contact with using Skype, Discord, social media etc., but it won't feel quite the same. I need to keep a better eye on the main site from now on. So long Slider 'n Socks Forum, and thanks for all the fish
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Postby CelestialBlade » Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:25 pm

I haven't been a part of this community for very long but it's already had a pretty profound impact on my life, and it's one of maybe three communities I've ever been a part of online where I actually felt at home. I didn't join until 2012 when I met Polly via PSO2/PSOW, and slowly became closer with other members that played PSO2 at the time like Rhete, Bpwner, No, Layrinn, and Icebonk...and while I was a member of this forum at that time, I never really branched out into the community until pretty recently when I befriended many of you on Twitter. It's forged friendships that I hope last a very long time, some of which have changed my life for the better permanently and I'll always cherish that.

I do wish I could have seen this community at its peak, but I feel like I've got a front row seat to a new era for SMPS. I listen to the Sockscast regularly and interact with you guys on Twitter daily, and try to contribute when I can. I don't always get the really classic in-jokes, but I have immense respect for this community and its origins and I know first-hand how hard it is to keep a community lasting for more than a few years. Here's to many, many more, regardless of what form SMPS takes.

Thanks for the memories and for giving me a home when I really needed one, SnS. :dance:

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Postby Koopa-Dude94 » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:08 am

I never much interacted with this forum outside of the Let's Play competitions, but those alone formed some experiences that I'm grateful to have been a part of. It's a shame this place is going away, but maybe I'll catch some of you on the flip side.
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Postby FreezingInferno » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:29 pm

I've been away for a few days, but I did see this. It's only fitting that I say something, after all. Much like Bpwner's experience, I found this place by jumping around on HG101 and seeing a smart person's words on Final Fantasy. I ate up all of them and loved it and read more cool stuff on here. Then, one summer a good eight years ago or so, I actually had the idea to pitch a writeup here. For whatever ungodly reason Polly accepted the words, and not soon after I joined these very forums. So, that's why all of you got stuck with me, whoops.

I, of course, can't thank Polly enough for that because she was one of the first people to ever give me a real chance in the Internet writing world. The stuff I wrote for SMPS helped me define my own writing style, and I'm glad to have participated in mad blitzes like the times there was an update every day in January; I wrote four or five things for that. The forums were rad, though! My experience with them came more from the LP side of it. It was nice to post a few on here, but the real standout was when the LPOs started. I believe I participated in all but one or two, and I won two and hosted two. .04 percent will haunt me for years to come, and then we have the Frezbot and Friendbot thing... I really loved it, and it's the thing I'll miss most from the SnS Forum closing. One of you should totally get one going off-forum or something, do it on Twitter or a Google Doc. It'd be me if I knew how to run one of these goddamned things, but alas.

I suppose that's everything. I am so very appreciative of the Socks friend circle that I'm a part of. We've had good laughs, and you're all great friends of mine and we've helped each other through the bad times as well. I hope to always be around on the Web somewhere, joking it up with you dorks. If you're reading this and you've not gotten in touch with me somehow, here you go.

Poke me on that. I'll reply, honest. I have nothing better to do. So long, SnS. You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was Ume.

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Postby Zeloz (aka Bill) » Fri Nov 11, 2016 7:35 pm

I'm sure most will have made their ways out once I do manage to gather enough of my thoughts and emotions to finish this post, but I still feel these words are worth saying. As the one internet community I've ever really connected with beyond a superficial level, and given that it's actively contributed to my development as a creative soul, I feel as though I owe the site and this wonderful forum a few words. Even if the words are destined for the void, but... hey, sometimes we need a toilet to scream into every now and then, right?

I stumbled upon SocksMakePeopleSexy like so many others, when HG101 reposted revised versions of Pat's Final Fantasy articles. I think this was around the middle of 2008... or was it early 2007? Either way, I was a dumb sophomore in high school, often spending way too much time on the school's library computers because they had fancy broadband internet and all I had was shoddy dial-up back at home. I might have found it somewhat amusing that a site with "SocksMakePeopleSexy" right in the URL wasn't blocked by our school's filters, but something about the site beyond Pat's articles really spoke to my young, stupid being. This was around the same time I was really into stuff like AVGN and The Nostalgia Critic, and right around the time I had nearly read through all of Itsr's ancient NES Archive, so watching a grown-ass lady and her posse of similarly old internet degenerates say poopy sex cusses about Action 52 and other old, bad things warmed my socially-withdrawn teenage heart.

Incidentally, Final Fantasy was also the reason I joined the forums in late 2008. Polly had a copy of Final Fantasy IV for DS that she didn't want, and I figured it'd be a great "Christmas gift" for my younger sister, who had a DS that she didn't seem to mind me using frequently. So, for the next week or so, I dedicated every moment I could spend on the internet scouring the site for Ume-senseis in dead-end links, gonzo flash applications, and questionable opinions. In the end, I managed 14 Umes, but was only able to submit 13 due to last-minute dial-up fuckery. It didn't make much of a difference in the end, though. 5th or 4th place, I, alias "Spencer," still would have only received a custom title on the website's newfangled forum "Sliders n' Socks."

(as a bit of an aside, while SnS wasn't my first online forum, I stumbled across my first actual forum as an indirect result of SMPS's Genesis week. Had I not read Polly's blathering on the subject, I probably wouldn't ever known about Valis, or the Forumotion board dedicated to the series. I also probably wouldn't have been spurned to buy a Sega Nomad and a few games and started getting into Genesis games beyond emulation)

To be honest, though, I wasn't too wild about joining the forums. It felt a little intimidating, joining this social space filled with people I thought were wiser, more worldly, and far more jaded about things than I could comprehend. Among these funny internet people, my opinions and sense of humor would probably be seen as an embarrassment at best, and offensive at worst. When I first joined, I'd often spend time lurking on "The Turlet," seeing what kinds of posts rubbed the moderators the wrong way and trying my hardest not to make those types of posts. Being a socially anxious kid even then, I contributed little, realizing that I never really had much to say.

Though, given my then-conservative worldview and a sense of humor largely contingent on "clever" use of "sarcasm," that was probably for the best :sweatdrop:

After some flimsy attempt at humor and conversation flopped, I stopped trying to make myself contribute. I'd still read up the main site whenever I needed a good laugh, or browse through Hanger 18 if I felt in the mood to LEGALLY ACQUIRE things, but my attention went mostly towards feeling anxious about college, reading TvTropes, and downloading PS2 and doujin PC games through warez forums. There really wasn't any reason for me to contribute anyway; my interests were focused more on writing animesque trope-y fiction or playing old games and not having any interesting opinions on them. Sure, I could tell you how I really liked Dragon Quest V, or that I couldn't understand why first-person shooters were so damn popular, but not in any funny or noteworthy way. Or maybe I could've, and just lacked the confidence to try beyond a few reviews scrapped at the first paragraph. It's really hard to tell when your teachers and professors insist you're a good writer, but you never get feedback beyond grammar and punctuation pointers. Or the occasional "That's good, Billy! Write more" from friends.

And, hell, I wasn't about to share my abysmal novelling attempts here, especially in the presence of Patrick Roesle, an actual published writer who frequently made reference to highly-intellectual, classical works of English in his retrospectives on Nintendo tapes.

It's hard to say what exactly led to me contributing more often. The sudden appearance of Crono_Maniac showed me that you could be a young'un and still post very smart and interesting opinions people cared about. Polly's willingness to share her pain after her parents' unfortunate passings showed that this was a community that wasn't all jaded pop culture opinions and fart jokes. The LPOs, and in particular submissions from the likes of Ryuune Seichi and TGYR, showed that you could be socially awkward as hell and still deliver funny/insightful commentary. Submissions from folks like Gesh, Rainiac, and FreezingInferno showed that, with enough practice, you could get over your social awkwardness and become really good orators if you worked hard at it.

Whatever the case, I found myself contributing to the SnS Top Genesis games list for whatever reason. Finally, my words were being published on this website for internet randos the world over to see! Then, perhaps due to some caffeine-fueled bravado, I found myself competing in ZeNatoto's Let's Play Nostalgialympics! Which didn't have the best competitor turnout, I realized, but I did manage to become NaNoWriMo writing buddies with FreezingInferno, who was practically an internet celebrity in my mind. After that, I guess you could say I became more active on the forums, submitting "Best Games of X Generation/ Y Console" lists when needed and writing other things when I felt like I wouldn't be embarrassing myself if I did so.

But, far more important than my contributions is what I got out of just being in this community. I remember learning about transgender issues here, and how to properly refer to those who identify as such. I learned that games don't have to follow a stringent set of mechanical requirements to be worthy of being called a "Game," and that John Thyer's "Dance Party" and anna anthropy's "dys4ia" could be just as evocative and substantial as any AAA or mainstream indie darling. I learned that producing content for the internet actually takes a lot of work and drive, and as a result gained a lot of respect for content creators in general.

I guess, in a sort of waffle-y way, I'm trying to say that Sliders n' Socks, and, kinda contributed to a large part of who I am now: a special snowflake libtard who's friends with a bunch of esoteric intellectuals and queers. I'm sorry to have to see this wonderful forum go, even if I'm still in contact with a bunch of you on social media, and I'd hate to imagine what sort of human garbage I would've become had I not met you guys.

Also, I should probably jump on that Discord bandwagon sometime, huh?
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Postby sunburstbasser » Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:29 am

This is a sad but understandable message. It was fun. I don't do anything with social media but once in a blue moon I put something on YouTube.
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