I might play FFXIII-2... (A desperate cry for help!)

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Re: I might play FFXIII-2... (A desperate cry for help!)

Postby Remnant » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:15 pm

heavymetalmage wrote:There was plenty that I hated about FFXIII but one thing I will say is that there was a large potential for some intense battles.

I agree. The Paradigm system is occasionally employed to some of the most intense and interesting battles in the series. It's just too bad that 99.9999% of the battles are overlong time-sinks.
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Re: I might play FFXIII-2... (A desperate cry for help!)

Postby ChaosAngelZero » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:27 am

First of all, I'd like to third (or fourth?) DX:HR, it's super-sweet even though it kinda encourages OCD behavior like taking the stealth route in order to get XP, then do a 180º and stealth-takedown everyone to get more XP and unlock new abilities faster.

Second, I just ordered two copies of FFXIII-2, one for me and the other for a bro of mine. I tried the demo, listened to the soundtrack, watched a couple video reviews and decided it was worth some 15 bucks for its pretty shiny lights and catchy music. I really don't give a fuck about the sorry excuses for a story nor characters of either this one or the original, as long as the latter isn't too long ('cause I know it will force itself down my throat anyway...) and only shows the occasional FMV or two, it's OK with me, I'm in just for the battles and dem pretty lights (now that I think of it, kinda like I already did with El Shaddai). Plus I only own a 360 and can't bear the fact of playing a vastly inferior port of the PS3 original, nor having to install 3 damn discs to the HDD ('cause I absolutely have to install all my 360 game discs to the HDD, I'm that kinda guy... :ugeek: ), so XIII-2 fits more neatly my nerdy needs.

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