Ritsuko Akagi...The Truth Is...
January 16th, 2007

...that we got some piping hot and fresh review for your fat [REDACTED]mo asses courtesy of Mr. Lovemesomeloli 2006 himself, Peaches. He's diving deeper and deeper into this evil beast we know only as Color Dreams with another in his series of reviews, this one for RoboDemons. So, relax, guy. It'll all be over in a second.



Punching and Babies! They go GREAT Together!
January 1st, 2007

Walker of Dimension-X, Peaches, christens the new year of SMPS with a big, fat, ugly, stinking review of another one of those amazingly awesome Color Dreams games, Baby Boomer. It's the second in his "series" I guess you would call it. My only problem with the whole deal is that I like being the one inflicting that much pain on someone. It's just not fair :(

Bomber Games just released a spiffy little remake of one of the greatest games of all time, Streets of Rage. Streets of Rage Remake is an homage to the original Streets of Rage games on the Genesis. It features 8 playable characters (two of which are locked at the start), some new enemy types, completely redone stages and graphics, and a remixed soundtrack. Other interesting additions include the ability to have an AI-controlled teammate to tag along and beat some ass and a player stored profile that keeps track of your progress through the game and other dandy shit like that.

It should be noted that the release is now being called a "betatest version," as there are a lot of bugs that seemingly need to be worked out. It's still very playable at this point, but a smooth ride can't be guaranteed. Definitely something I think everyone should check out and I'll be giving it a more thorough rundown right here on SMPS once they've gotten everything pulled together a bit more tightly.


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