Just In Time For Super Sunday!
January 29th, circlenine

Well, would you lookit that! Just in time for Sunday's Super BAWWWWWWWW, we have a brand-new review plucked fresh from the Sliders n' Socks Reviews Forum by our good friend Ed! I guess it should come as no surprise that it's for Tecmo's Nintendo DS release of Tecmo Bowl: Kick-off, a revival of sorts for the old NES and 16-bit classic. Does it recapture the old days of arcade football greatness? Only one way to find out, kid!

Remember, anyone posting a review in the SnS Reviews Forum has a chance at getting their review plucked for posting on the main site. So, while I'm not actively accepting Guest Contributions right now, this is one way of still getting posted. It comes with no guarantees, but it's still a great way to get your stuff read by others, so stop on by!


January 25th, circlenine

In honor of Flotation Device Day 2009, here at the ol SMPS.Net we've put together some new content in celebration of this wonderful and life-saving day!

Do you like Japanese Cartoons? Awww... sorry Kazlo :'( But it's too bad, because we have a review for one today anyway! So, why not head on over and try on a review of Grenadier for size. I can guarantee it's about 3 sizes too big for your dinky little chest...

While I was putting this one together a funny idea popped up that I implemented into the review, but I'm gonna post it here as well as the Random section, so that those that helped me put it together get the credit deserved (cause people hate Japanese Cartoons!)

Many thanks to both Rhete and D-Mac for your efforts. It couldn't have been finished without it.

Alright, I have other stuff to do now, so go away.


Skibo 360
January 15th, circlenine

Good friend to Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net, Skibo went and made one of them there flashy iPod Touch/iPhone games and the Polly thinks that you all need to go ahead and buy a copy! Your friendly neighborhood Polly watched on IRC as our little Skibo's game evolved into the ARCADE CIRCLE DRAWING CHALLENGE YOU SIMPLY CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT!

Do You like FUN?
Do you like CIRCLES?
Do you like having that "still alive" status by your name in government databases?

Well you, my friend, should definitely do yourself a favor and check out the one and only CIRCLE CHALLENGE


Let's Dance The Jitterbug, Baby!
January 12th, circlenine

Guns, bullets, blood, crime syndicates, and an unusually high body count. That can only mean one thing. It be time for one of them thar Japanese Cartoon reviews and today's is for a little show called Black Lagoon. So, have a read. Become more manly today!

Boy, I've been busy lately. Kinda unusual!


The Tropical Adventures of the Tropical Adventurer
January 10th, circlenine

Alrighty, I've been-a-werkin on this one since the last update, finished her up earlier today, and now she's all ready for you to have a nice relaxing read.

To get the last bit of NES outta my system for a while (we can only hope), I decided to dive head first into the entire 8-bit catalog of classic Adventure Island titles. You know, that series with the naked guy wearing a ballcap! So clicky da linky and have a nice ready.

Enjoy your weekend!


Ocarina o' Hutch
January 9th, circlenine

Such pretty, pretty melodies, one Mr. The Hutch has in store for you today with his Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time review/retrospective thingy. Poor guy had the unfortunate luck of turning this in while I was off on vacation, but you can read it now!

I, myself, have something else cooking up. She's nearly done, but I still need to knock down those last couple of games. I really don't remember them being THIS LONG! Hopefully, this piece will be ready by Sunday or Monday. No promises though!



Bubbles n' Bobbles
January 7th, circlenine

Hope you brought a fresh change of underpants and some Kleenex, Rhete's about to get you all wet with his retrospective look at Bubble Symphony and Bubble Memories! The first bit of Guest Content coming in this week and also a first, because it's our first Arcade Game review! Can you really believe in 4 years we haven't gone to the arcade? Oye...

Next bit o' Guest Content in a day or two. Here's a hint: It wasn't written by Isao Kronos.




Vroom, vroom! :)
January 6th, circlenine

Speeding toward your monitor at a cool 230mph direct from the internet comes YET ANOTHER god damn NES review. Today, we buckle up and cruise around the track with another game I don't hear talked about much, Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing. What the hell's she doing now? RACING GAMES? Oye... Has she really reached the bottom of the barrel?

No, not really. As mentioned, I've been in a VERY NES mood lately. I know of one more major NES-related opus headed to the smps.net very soon from myself and it'll probably take a few days to pull together, so be expecting that.

As promised, I'll also be flushing out the cache and releasing some guest content submitted last month by Rhete and The Hutch, so that should prove entertaining too, yeah?

Alright, now go away, yer botherin' me.


The Wobot Adventures of the Wobot Adventurer!
January 4th, circlenine

Just in time for your boring SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY, The Internet's Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net springs to life to rid your life of boredom for only a few minutes with another exciting NES game review!

Up next is brutal, but somehow cuddly-wuddly little adventure starring a big orange cuddly wobot! That's right, Metal Storm has landed and it wants a word with your ass. And by "word" I mean a "kick"...directed at said ass.

It's Sunday! You got fuck-all else to do, so go read the review, then PLAY!


Musicanova Is A Cool Last Name
January 3rd, circlenine

To all those poor saps that read my site and don't like the animu... Today's update isn't for you, sadly.

I've just finished the second installment of my Anime Review Feature, with a hot off the presses review of a little show from 2001 called GeneShaft. Some may have seen this show when it aired on TechTV a few years ago, some of us bought it blindly because the price was right. So, if Japanese Cartoons are your thing, hop on over and see what I had to say about it.

There's another one or two NES game reviews coming in the next few days as well. I've just been digging through my NES library as of late and those are the games I wanna play and talk about, so I'm gonna!

Until then, ta-ta!


More Power of the Blade!
January 2nd, circlenine

Yes, yes, it can be moar update time.

As promised, a review of Power Blade 2 is here for your reading pleasure.

There's also a brand-spankin' new animu review done, but my damn DVD drive seems to have shit out and I can't get screenshots. It'll be posted once I'm able to.

In other not-so-important news, I've updated the links page to spiffy it up a bit. I doubt the redesign is final, but it needed some cleaning up. A lot of links were out of date and some sites seem to no longer be there, so they've been removed. If I've neglected to link your site and you're a friend of the Polly, shoot me an email and let me know what's what.


SMPS: circlenine
January 1st, circlenine

Your friendly neighborhood Polly here, welcoming you to Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net: circlenine!

To start off the new year, why not do things like we used to and have ourselves a good ol' fashion review of an old-school NES game maybe only I've heard of. And just for fun, I'll post a review of the sequel tomorrow! That's getting things started out right for the circlenine, right?


So, what's my own filthy little corner of the web got planned for the circlenine, I wonder, I wonder...

Well, as we cruise toward our fourth year of existence in April, I'll be taking a step back for a bit and doing things the way they used to be done for a while. What's that mean? Well, it simply means that most of the content you see for the next few months on the site will be provided by ME! Because I'm GREEDY and want the spotlight on ME! So if you don't like reading ME, then too bad! The Final Fantasy retrospective by Pat, and Rhete's Movie Reviews features will be unaffected by this decision, because they're integral parts of the site.

As for Guest Content, I've received a generous amount of it over the course of the past few years. Hell, last year was probably the most interesting year ever in terms of readers like you gracing me with your walls of words. One look at the Contributor's Central Page shows just how much YOU have become a part of this site, and I'm honestly very grateful to each and every one who has put forth the effort to do something that others and myself may enjoy reading. I have the coolest group of readers and contributors ever and you guys have my sincerest thanks hanging out.

For a while I won't be accepting Guest Content. This is in no way an end to Guest Content, I'm just taking a bit of a break from it. As I explained on the forum, I feel I've lost a bit of motivation and I'm letting the site run on "auto pilot" with you guys doing the updating for me. That's in no way a knock to you whatsoever, I just feel that in order to regain my site's focus, I need to do my stuff for a while. I will re-open the floodgates for Guest Content free-for-alls sometime in the future and there are a couple of those week-long events that anyone can contribute to planned, so those who still wanna write, just stay tuned to the mainpage and the Forum for updates on those.

There are a couple last bits of Guest Content still in the chute that haven't made it out yet, and I'll still be working with these people to get those posted soon, so if you've got something in don't worry, we'll get it live.

Who knows what else the circlenine has in store for the smps? Only way to find out is to stay tuned, of course.


Happy circlenine!


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