February 25th, 2008

Significance of the number in the title? That's approximately the number of words Fat Pat has written in all of his Final Fantasy articles thus far. Fuck...what a blabbermouth.

But we love our blabbermouth, don't we? And that's why we're all so happy that he's turned in his latest 10,000 word monstrosity for us to journey through. That's right, everybody's favorite Final Fantasy is up for review today! Final Fantasy VIII! This article comes equipped with inns, shops, and 3 save files in case you have trouble getting through it in one go.

Buy Tents.


Millions of Peaches...
February 19th, 2008

...or maybe just 25. But I'm not even sure the world's ready for that either. But the world MIGHT just be ready for the addition of Peaches' Top 25 Games of All Time List to the original Top 25 article from 1800 years ago.

Let's not forget to get our submissions in for the Top 10 Article coming up as well!


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