February 22nd, circlenine

You may be tired of 'em, but I'm not! More Japanese Cartoons JUST FOR YOU! In fact, there's probably two or three more in the chute that need writing up, so they ain't going away anytime soon.

Today we have a look at the Japanese adaptation of Witchblade, a fairly popular Western property. If you're a fan of the comics, is this incarnation of your favorite Boober Hero for you? Only one way to find out, kid!

As a head's up, updates may be a bit on the lacking side next month due to an upcoming move, but that just means you'll spend less time reading this drivel and more time working on SNES Week stuff, right?





Earning That NC-17 Rating WebSafe Monitors Give Us
February 16th, circlenine

We've been on this kick for a while, so if you've been a regular reader since the beginning of the year you should know what this update's gonna be all about. That's right! Japanese Cartoons!

Today we got a two-fer for you! Aren't you excited, Kazlo?

First up, we have a look at studio Bones' "why the fuck is this even popular" 2005 project, Eureka Seven. SHIT! Hey, Polly, if you're gonna entice people to read reviews it's best to try and control that rage on the mainpage blurb, okay? Urgh...

Next up, we dive back to good ol 1994 and do something a little different for the sake of just doing something different. Today we're gonna look at a classic h-title known as F³. Obviously this review is not safe for work and contains talk of various dirty sex things, so be mindful of that before viewing. I honestly can't wait to get a look at my site's search string referrals after this mess... So, if that's your kinda thing you can head on over and peep that.

And why not have one of those weird mainpage blurb reviews of something too? We haven't done that in a while right? As an added bonus, I can make those pillow biter music snobs rage and let me know my taste in music is assballs. I'll finally know how it feels to be decoy!

Thursday - Common Existence
Thursday is a band I was introduced to way back in 2002'ish by a friend (who no longer listens to them...). They're a band that seem to get a lot of flack for being a little emo and whiny, I guess. I never really considered their stuff whiny, just a tad over-dramatic at times. They're not the greatest musicians, and they don't write the greatest songs, but there's just something that's always been appealing about their music to my earholes.

Coming off 2006's A City By The Light Divided, Common Existence picks up where that album left off minus the ear-shattering fuzz and wall of sound production. There's a little bit of that production style still existent on this album, but it's just how David Fridmann's production usually is and it's not nearly as album-wrecking as it was last time.

The good stuff carried over from A City... is the band's willingness to constantly experiment and mould their style. Tracks like "Time's Arrow," "Circuits of Fever," "Beyond The Visible Spectrum" and "Subway Funeral" build upon the progression into more dynamic song structures and atmospheric styles that the band has slowly progressed toward since War All The Time. The album's explosive closer "You Were The Cancer," is likely one of the best tracks the band has ever penned period.

There are still traces of "old Thursday" here as well. "Resuscitation of a Dead Man" could easily sit alongside "For The Workforce Drowning" from War All The Time. Other tracks such as "As He Climbed The Dark Mountain," "Friends In The Armed Forces," "Unintended Long-Term Effects" and everything else call back to material as early as their breakthrough album Full Collapse's intensity.

Common Existence finds Thursday still at a very creative point in their career, though all of their albums still contain bits and pieces of the same themes over and over. That's my only real complaint. It's nice that they remain a band not afraid to just be themselves as well, but lyrical content really needs some sprucing up. The mix of the old and new still makes for a good album. That and my ears aren't fatiged to shit after listening to it unlike the previous effort.


Also, I herd you liek SNES Week :)


It's A New Record!
February 14th, circlenine

Wut da crap? Izzit interbutts famous tiem now?


Mai, Mai, Mai, What Large Update You Have!
February 9th, circlenine

Hahaha, suckers! It's Japanese Cartoon Time again! On this installment of Japanese Cartoons Make People Sexy Dot Net we have a bitchin' new Mai-HiME review ready for you to read. Be aware that this review is extra spoilerriffic, so read only if you've already seen the show or have no plans on it. I can guarantee there are lesbians in there somewhere! Everyone loves lesbians!

Lesbians, lesbians, lesbians!


Also, let's not forget about SNES Week submissions, OKAAAAAAAY? Yes I am linking that page for the next 2 months.

And finally, remember when Hurley threw a burrito at Ben?

That shit was hilarious!


SNES Week Announcement
February 2nd, circlenine

Looks like it's about that time of the year again, friends. Another one of those week-long console-exclusive extravaganzas that have become a bit of a tradition around here. If the banner wasn't any kinda clue (and if it wasn't, what the fuck are you, stupid?) this time around we're having a look at your friend and mine, the SNES, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the ESS ENN EE ESS, that Final Fantasy console.

This event is open to all who wish to contribute, and all you have to do is follow a few guidelines:

1. - Let's avoid things like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and the other "big" games. Anything that can be said about these games has been said 860,000,000 times before and I really don't want to hear about them anymore, and I'm sure nobody else does either. Dig deep into your SNES library and find something to talk about.

2. - DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Review a game, do a series retrospective, write up your favorite games, gimme some substance! Draw a picture, make a comic, whatever! It's a celebration of the SNES, so let whatever you like or dislike about the system guide you in what you want to do. So long as you put some effort into something and I like it, odds are it'll go up.

If you have any questions about what it is you wish to do, feel free to email them to me.

And remember, all standard submission rules apply. If I can't read it, I don't want it.

3. - Your content needs to be typed up in either a .txt or .doc file. If you choose a .doc file, please remember to NOT INCLUDE THE IMAGES WITHIN THE DOCUMENT, keep them separate in however you archive it.

4. - Screenshots and other images you may need to use aren't restricted to any specific file type. Just be aware that HUGE pics (650px width and over) may need resizing or will be linked to open in another window. If this is an issue for you, just tell me how you'd like to handle it.

5. - .rar or .zip up your submission plus images, attatch them to an email, and send them off to one or both of the following email addresses:

Then you wait. I'll contact you within a few days of receiving your entry and after reviewing it I'll give you a head's up on if I'm gonna run it or not. If you don't receive a reply, please email me again with the submission just in case there's an email hiccup.

6. - Final due date for submissions is MIDNIGHT APRIL 12TH, 2009. The event will run from April 13th - April 17th. Five days of updates.

Now that we've got that out of the way, it's time for you to get to work! So, hop to it. More than enough time to get some content ready for the big event.

Have fun, suckers!


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