Secrets? Yeah, We Gots That
February 21st, 2010

Just in time for that lazy Sunday you have ahead of you and right as I'm about to go start putting my new rig together a little later today, The SMPS.Net is here to rescue you from the boredom you're no doubt already facing. What? Are you watching Olympic Curling or some shit like that? Fag.

And what a joyous day it is as Fat Kakashi and decoy octopus return with even more Secret of Mana goodness for you to gaze upon and marvel at today. Today's update contains not one, BUT TWO BRAND NEW EPISODES! So, peep the links below and pick up where our wandering adventurers left off.

Now to go run errands and all that other stupid ass shit before I can finally get this damn computer out of my hair!



School's In Session
February 19th, 2010

In today's edition of The SMPS.Net, Polly gets schooled a little bit!

Some of you may remember back sometime last year that I reviewed the fantastic Cannon Fodder for the Amiga. In that article, I made a lot of off-the-cuff comments concerning the computer and the state of gaming in that region of the world. A new contributator-type person named Adam saw that and felt I may have been a bit off the mark with my observations, and has written an Amiga-flavored article for us to help clear up some of my misunderstandings.

Up next today, we tuuuuuuuuurn the clock back five years, to shortly after this site began, to September of 2005. Back then, I was quite angry at UBISoft's release of Lunar: Dragon Song. Back in December'ish of last year, sonicmega wrote me about a couple glaring omissions I had made while writing up the game. So, the review's been updated to reflect the crazy shit I forgot to write about after stroking out five years ago and wiped this game from my memory forever.

Happy reading, enjoy your weekend. My next update will be posted from my awesome new rig. Fucking finally.

Fuck you, DHL.


Tag Team, Back Again...
February 14th, 2010

Heya, folks! I'm still recovering from the mammoth month that was January and hoping DHL rots in fucking hell because they've been 11 days trying to get my new RAM here SO I CAN BUILD MY NEW FUCKING PC, but that doesn't mean we don't have something a little special for you today, this day of lovers.

In fact, how about something extra special? You folks like them silly SquareSoft RPGs, don't you? Of course you do. My site stats don't fucking lie! Well, our...*ahem* "special friends" Fat Kakashi and decoy octopus have something supremely special for you to waste your time on today, since I know none of you will be spending "special time" with anyone "special." How about the launch of a new Feature?

Fat Kakashi and decoy octopus proudly present...
Let's Play Secret of Mana

Now you may be asking yourself, "but why is a Let's Play a special feature?" Well, because they're playing this one simultaneously AND being funny about it. They're launching this special Feature with EIGHT GIGANTIC INSTALLMENTS already finished and I'll be doing an update for each new one they finish. You can quick jump to all 8 available parts using the links below:

Grab some YooHoo and a Moon Pie because these segments are nice and long. Perfect way to flush away a boring Sunday.

And, just so we're clear, I'm only accepting Let's Play videos in special cases. This isn't something I plan on doing all the time.



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