To Move Forward
February 21st, 2011

Today, I just felt the need to do a little mainpage update here to say a very heartfealt and sincere thank you to all out there who sent condolences, personal experiences in the loss of a close loved one, and well wishes to me and my family in this time of unbelievable sadness. Though they may only appear as words on a screen, we sometimes forget there are real people behind those pixels. The comfort and understanding I've gained over this past week and a half from people I'll likely never meet face-to-face in my lifetime has meant so much and touched me on a very personal level. Try as I might, there's no way I could thank any of you enough for just showing me the kindness, compassion, and concern I've received. Thank you all for just being human.

That said, the ol' SMPS.Net train is fuelin' up and getting ready to pull out again. In the next week or two, we'll be back to updating. Got some Guest Contributated stuff for ya (sup, heavymetalmage! Polly didn't forget about ya!) and I even got some stuff to yap about. A big game launch is on the horizon as well, so of course we gotta cover that! A few other big projects in the works too.

Oye, there really ain't no rest for the wicked, is there? Catch you folks in just a bit!


February 12th, 2011

Earlier today, I lost my mother. It was sudden, unexpected, and I witnessed the events leading up to her parting with my own eyes yesterday evening. I'm still haunted every time I close my eyes, and I feel I will continue to be for some time. Some images you just can't scrub out.

Why am I sharing this with the internet at large on a site so inappropriately named? Who really understands grief and mourning, anyway? Outlets can come from anywhere, I suppose. I guess I'm just really not sure what to do with myself at the moment, and this was the only thing I felt I could do to obtain some form of relief, however miniscule it may be. When that level of relief reaches the level that I feel I can continue to do this site in a similar spirit as before, I'll resume its operation. Until that time, everything is on hold.

Finally, as tired as it may sound, if you still have her, tell your mother that you love her.


Our Normal, Not So Regular, Update "Schedule"
February 7th, 2011

Annnnnd lookit that! A neat, brand spankin' new blank mainpage to work with. That means...well I'm not entirely sure what that means. LOOK, I'M STILL TIRED OF LOOKING AT .XML FILES OKAY? It just means that we have a bit of an update today.

Watch FatKakashi and decoy octopus play even more Secret of Mana in the sixth installment of Let's Play Secret of Mana Again! See? Lookit how lazy that linking job is. I'll be more on the ball next time, I promise!

Also, if you happened to somehow miss any of the January Updates, not only have I linked them there, you lazy fuck, but it's been added to the mainpage dropdown.

There's still a tiny bit of Guest Content left in the chute, which I'll try to get to in the next couple weeks, and I even have a couple things I'm working on too, so the month won't be a total lull! So, just sit tight! I'm getting around to it...slowly.


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