Holy Crap, Now That's An Update!
February 18th, 2012

Holy crap, do we have some kinda update for you today. So much update you might just explode with joy if you expose yourself to all of it at once. So, feel free. I'd like for every single one of you to explode. Anyway, rather than dilly-dallying around with silly introductions, let's get right into the content!

Sliders and Socks forum regular Remnant makes his glorious return to the frontpage again today. It turns out that he's got quite a few things to say about Final Fantasy XIII and decided to share it with us. Now, I know some of you may be thinking, BUT PAT ALREADY DID THAT, well shut up. We sometimes post more than one opinion on something around here, and Remmy's was decent enough for me to give Final Fantasy the Thirteenth a bit more face time on the site. So shut up and enjoy!

Moving on, how would you feel if I told you that we had an ENTIRE HOUR of Fat Kakashi and decoy octopus to enjoy? You'd shit yourself with glee, right? Well, you better get out some new pants, because Episode 25 and Episode 26 of their tag-team Secret of Mana 2 Let's Play have both arrived!

Finally today, some of you may have heard of a little visual novel named Katawa Shoujo. A western-released and free visual novel all about dating differently-abled girls at a high school for the differently abled. It turns out that Spyda K and decoy octopus both became so enamored with it that they put together a one-hour discussion video about it, and we're sharing it here for all to see. This discussion contains many spoilers, so beware in case you had intended on playing the game yourself.

Whew... Told you it was a lot! I'm all tuckered out after getting all this stuff ready! Enjoy!


The Love Guru Is In
February 11th, 2012

The saddest holiday of them all is approaching for many of you out there, but fear not! The Love Guru, Dr. heavymetalmage has the cure for all of you out there that'll be suffering severe cases of the cry-alones with his latest holiday helper's guide, heavymetalmage Goes All Valentine's Day On Your Ass! Now, even if you'll be alone on this Hallmarkiest of Hallmark holidays, at least you'll have a lot of quality entertainment to shove into your eye and ear holes while you shove buckets and buckets of ice cream into your mouth hole!



PatBound Zero
February 7th, 2012

And JUST when you thought we'd run out of more Pat to sell you, here we are, just like all your favorite videogame companies to sell you more of the same! Today's SMPS.Net-related DLC only requires your time (of which I know you have an over-abundance), however (though you should probably still go buy Pat's book)

Today, Blabberpat begins another journey into the often-heady world of Japanese-developed Role-Playing Games with possibly the largest article ever created about Shigesato Itoi's MOTHER on the Famicom. (Don't fucking argue with me, it is!) Now, as you'll probably know, MOTHER/EarthBound Zero never saw an official release outside of Japan, but having been properly translated sometime last year has given Pat time to finally shut up all those folks who keep nagging him to write about it. So there ya go!

Also, buy Pat's book!


Buy Pat Roesle's (Pitchfork's) Debut Novel Now!
February 6th, 2012

All of you out there in SMPS.Net land are no doubt familiar with our friend in Final Fantasy Pitchfork, Pat, or whatever you call him. Well, now you have the chance to read all the Pat you can possibly stomach by purchasing a copy of his debut novel, The Zeroes for any and all Kindle-enabled devices. Hit the link up below.


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