Deadline II
March 31st, 2008

The Top 10 Deadline has now passed. I will be accepting no more submissions unless you can give me a really good reason as to why I should.

The finished project will be up sometime before the end of the week, I hope. The articles are all edited and accounted for, I'm just waiting to see if a couple other presentational doo-dads make it in.



March 28th, 2008

Today's the day. The day that all your delicious little Top 10 lists are due in order to be included in the big ol article going up in a few days (or so, depending on some technical stuff). So, try and get them to me by tomorrow morning if you're still a little lagged behind.

Now, if you're still working on one and can't finish tonight, but can before Monday, I'll take submissions AT THE VERY LATEST AND NO LATER than Monday morning, before noon. After that, pool's closed.



Submission Guidelines
March 18th, 2008

I've written up a tiny list of guidelines for submitting to the site in the future. This link will also be at the bottom of every page on the site from now on.

Also, ten days in counting until those Top 10 Articles are due!


Cavemen and the Laywers That Love Them
March 10th, 2008

A couple of fine bits of guest content rolling in today all for your reading pleasure.

First up we have a review of the recently released Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS from Mr. decoy octopus. This witness won't lie on the stand and knows exactly what he saw the night of the crime and he will testify as such.

Also, today we have the long-awaited second installment of Rhete's Super Fun Movie Reviews series. The top-grossing film of the weekend, 10,000 B.C. is what we'll be looking at today...for better.........or worse....

I also find this video to be strangely relevant to today's update.

And hey, while I'm still babbling let's not forget that the deadline for that Top 10 Worst/Most Disappointing Games thing is rapidly approaching (March 28th) so better hurry up and get them shittzles in!


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