A Little Schedule Bump
March 23rd, circlenine

Alright, you guys know all about that fancy SNES Week Thingo I've been blabbering about right? Well, turns out we're gonna be having a little delay on when the event actually happens. Turns out that when the event was originally scheduled to happen, I'll be in the middle of moving and won't have internet access for about a week or so. So, in the interest of letting things settle down a little bit once I've got my stuff moved in, I'm moving SNES Week back to the week of April 20th - April 24th. With this new schedule bump also means that the due date for anything you want to submit will now be midnight April 19th (or 12:00 am the 20th, depending on how you look at it).

So, once again, SNES Week will run from April 20th - April 24th and your new article due date is midnight April 19th.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience but this isn't really anything I can control.

In the meantime, anyone with interest in Japanese Cartoons would do well to give this guy's videos a look. He's quite knowledgable and has pretty good taste (in my opinion) in what he likes and doesn't.

'till after the move, take care!


It's Like A New Kinda Broom
March 9th, circlenine

A special thanks to everyone who downloaded byron's CD and everyone that will from here on. Here's hoping you all soon have more Buffalo love in your life.

Today, we have another Japanese Cartoon thingy. This one being a special commentary/review of Strike Witches. If you haven't heard of Strike Witches and the oddball controversy surrounding it, this'll probably be of no interest to you. For those who have heard of it but don't wanna watch, why not let my thoughts be yours (which is how the world should work anyway) and have a look?

This is likely to be my last update this month (unless one of the other features update) due to an upcoming move plus preparation for said move. So, have a fun rest of the month!

And can you really believe it? decoy actually updated his site! With that it looks like he may have met his one update a year quota!

Also, SNES Week!



Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Early Release Party!
March 5th, circlenine

Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net is proud to present to you a special early record release event for budding star Byron Hulcher's debut solo outing, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo - Phobiaphilia EP. Thanks to Byron Hulcher being so awesome, you can officially download the album right here on SMPS.Net an entire day before its official release on March 6th! You also have the option to stream the entire album before you download to own!

Phobiaphilia clocks in at just over 16 minutes and features 7 soothing tracks of Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo's own unique brand of self-depricating acoustic folk-punk mixed with just the right amount of catchiness for each song to crawl into your earhole, take up residency, and never wanna leave! And you won't want any of them to! But you really don't need me to tell you that Phobiaphilia is time well-spent, do you? It's free, and all you'll need is one trip on Byron's magical acoustic adventure to agree with me, I'm sure!

So, exactly what the hell are you waiting for?

Download or stream the Phobiaphilia EP FOR FREE Now!

Be sure to visit Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo's Official MySpace and official website for more news, info, and upcoming shows!

Finally, I'm sure I speak for all of SMPS.Net Land as well as the SNS crew when I say that we're all quite proud of Mr. Hulcher for putting out such fine recordings and we wish him nothing but the best on his first official release.


I Know I've Been Waiting For This One
March 1st, circlenine

We got a big one for everyone today, and I'm sure a lot out there have been looking forward to this one as much as I have. Today's update comes special with an order of water and a mini-shovel for our biggest fan, TandyJan, to wash all that sand out of his flappy-dry vagina. Get well soon. :)

Fatty Pat Pat brings us the next installment of his internet-famous Final Fantasy Retrospective, Final Fantasy XI. Everyone in the entire world already knows the game sucks shit. Let's all just be honest here, can we? Being the avid Square fanboy that he is, can Pat possibly bring himself to see the game the way we all do? If you've got an hour to burn, you're all ready to read and find out.

Can you believe that for once, during editing one of these things I wasn't inclined to strangle Pat even once? It's only taken him 12 articles...

Ether also brought some fun stuff along for the occasion, putting together some brand-new Final Fantasy XI-inspired Polly & Ether comics!

Oh, hey, if there's any Japanese Cartoon licensors out there reading this, why not give this a read too pretty please! :D

What a great day it is today. It is a great day to burn things! And SNES Week!


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