Third Time's A Charm
April 22nd, circlenine

Pat's just a guy who seriously loves to get it right. So much, in fact, that he'll spend four years revising the same article until he finally achieves that level of perfection or just gets tired of looking at the same damn thing for so long.

Today marks the (count 'em) THIRD (and final) REVISION OF THE ORIGINAL FINAL FANTASY I ARTICLE! This version is highly spiffied up and a little more to the point than previous versions have been. So if it's been a while since you revisited the original, or if you found all that Kingdom Hearts 2 rambling pointless, then this is definitely the version to check out.

I'm also very happy to say that this is the first time Pat has edited one of these things himself and he'll be doing his own damn work from now on (and it only took fucking twelve games for me to get fed up enough to teach him how...). So, when you guys wanna know where the next Final Fantasy article is, flood his email box, not mine, okay? :)

Also, special thanks to the folks over at Hardcore Gaming 101 for giving the ol' SMPS.Net a frontpage plug. Be sure to go read their site too if you don't already for a good bit of the old and new of gaming with faaaaaaaar fewer "fuck's" per-article.

Also, hup-two SNES WEEK BITCHES!


SNES Week Dates
April 13th, circlenine

Alrighty, move went well and everything's starting to get settled down a bit, so I have that new set of SNES Week Dates for you folks looking to contribute.

Final due date for submissions and the run dates for the event are as follows:


If for any reason you're running late on your submission and may not make it by the 1st, email me and we'll try and work something out if you can get it finished during the week.

Sorry for all the delays and the long ass wait, but busy life is busy but things are calming down so I have time to actually focus on the event now.



SNES Week Mission-Critical Announcement
April 4th, circlenine

Alright guys, we need to talk. In its current state, SNES Week is in a literal state of cluster-fuck and is in severe danger of just not happening. The reason? Redundancy.

Since day one of the original announcement, I've had many of you write me concerning what you want to do. That's all fine and swell, I told you to write in and let me know what you want to do. The issue lies in the fact that every one of you have sent me a freakin' grocery shopping list of what you want to do (some in excess of 15 items or more) and all of these lists are almost 80% the same. Are you really going to write about 15 games? Do you really think nobody has thought of writing about Earthbound, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Tales of Phantasia, Breath of Fire, and am I seriously not being clear enough yet? I don't want to sound like a dick here, but this is frustrating from a planning point of view.

We need to focus! Let's get our minds made up, shall we?

Don't get me wrong, a lot of you have proposed some interesting titles (I'd never even heard of Live-A-Live until I started this if you can believe that...and FOUR of you want to write about that too!) but there exists a selection of titles that make up abuot 80% of every list I've received so far that we sorta need to address, so I'm handling this in the only way I really know how.

Now, in advance if this wrecks any of your grand plans or pisses you off to the point of never contributing ever again, then let me apologize. I have to keep the week's content fresh and interesting. I'm sure none of us want to read five different reviews about Earthbound regardless of how good or bad it may be. So, what I'm doing is imposing certain submission rules on games that may end up being over-submitted.

Most of these are games I'll still accept one submission for, but if I receive multiple submissions I'm only taking the best one. A few select games are completely banned, but you are in no way prohibited from referencing or mentioning them in articles or compliation articles.

I'm not trying to be a dickhole, but I really need you guys to work closer with me here. From my years of doing these events, this is the only time I've ever seen such little diversity in the content people wanna do. So, take note of the list, email me with exactly what you're doing (cause we know you ain't writin' about 15 games :o), and LETS HAPPY FAMILY LOVE!

This is all in an effort to keep the event from being the same thing every other site in the world does. I'm not trying to stifle opinions on any of these games in any way. I've always tried to avoid being redundant and saying the same things everyone else has said a few million times.

If I've pissed some of you off with this or halted something you're already working on, SEND IT TO ME FIRST EVEN IF IT'S NOT FINISHED and maybe we can work something out or find a different way to approach it. I don't want you to trash anything yet, but I do want you to understand why I'm doing this.

For now, the current due date and event dates for SNES Week are nixed. I will announce a new set of dates in two weeks or so in order to help everyone work around this new development.

In the meantime try and get finalized ideas about what you wanna do, email me or correspond on the forum with others and let's make this work, people!


When It's Due
April 3rd, circlenine

I hope everyone enjoyed the Socks Mart Online Experience! We had a hell of a time working on it, so the compliments we received really helped make us feel it was worth our time. It's a permanent fixture of the site now. Seems we grow a new limb every year now...

Anyway, because I'm a stickler for making sure people get credit when it's due (because I don't do everything on this site by myself) and just in case it wasn't obvious enough, I wanna extend special thanks to the following people for helping make it happen:

Rhete for helping me fill the store with oodles of goodies (probably 50% or so are his handiwork) to browse through and the EtherChat. Dude was STILL adding shit at 11:30pm on the 31st.

D-Mac for bein an overall pretty cool dood and being THE VERY VOICE of Socks Mart. Nobody else could do it. Anytime you feel like it you can find the Store Intro tucked away in Random to view anytime you like.

And, of course, Kjilly for always helping me out when this site needs some kinda coding done to it. Kjilly spiffied up everything with only a few days left and made the store so much easier to edit new stuff in for and less of a coding nightmare.

So yeah, thanks everyone for making the store happen and whoever submitted the site to those April Fool's archive sites, thanks to you too.

Expect a Mission-Critical announcement concerning SNES Week in a day or two.

That is all


It's Better When You Have To Pay For It
April 1st, circlenine

Throughout the ol' SMPS.Net's going-on four years of existence, I know exactly what you've been thinking. "Gee, I sure wish there was a way I could give good ol' Polly some money, and lots of it!" Well, today we have good news for you, because after some careful thinking about how I'd love to spend your money, Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net is proud to present to you:

Isn't that great? Finally a place where you can buy lots and lots of (and some not-so-related) products at really fair and reasonable prices.

So come on in, have a look around, and be sure to give us lots of money. I deserve it!


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