Thanks Are In Order. As Well As Some No Thanks.
April 8th, 2012

Today's post is gonna be pretty simple. I owe a few people some special thanks for the marvelous effort put forth to bring Giant Bpwn to the internet at large. It was an amazing amount of fun for me, and I'm sure they all had a great time as well. I hadn't felt so elated to be doing something with my own site in some time, and it felt good to be doing something so over-the-top and ridiculous.

So, first up, thanks to Traitor Magnus for coming up with the idea. The whole thing never woulda happened without him posting a random topic on our forums about the idea of a Beepner-related site, which was thankfully deleted before anybody saw it so the surprise wouldn't be blown.

Next up, Rhete who, as always, was the motherfucking MVP of April Fool's gags yet again. He's by no means a guy with a lot of free time on his hands lately, yet he found time not only to code up the entire site's structure in two weeks and manage to keep it updated with all the new daily content, but contributed a great amount of content to Giant Bpwn as well.

And of course, our very own (you can't have him) Beepner, who actually had no idea that there would be an April Fool's site named after him and contributed an article anyway. Extra bonus points for being cool with all the silly stories we made up about him along the way.

I'd say we've seriously outdone ourselves, and I'd say damn near anybody else that'd wanna step up to claim best April Fool's surprise. It's all thanks to TMags, Rhete, and Beepner. Extra special thanks to you if you were able to laugh with us and at us throughout the week and the utter nonsense we ran with. Great times had by all.

Of course, there's a flip side to this story. I don't like doing this kinda thing, but I feel that with the way people have reacted to me over the course of the past week, I'm justified in making a statement here.

It's no secret that a lot of you are only here to read Final Fantasy articles or whatever. That's fine. However, when Giant Bpwn went live last Sunday, I was on the receiving end of some very rude and downright offensive correspondence throughout the entire week via email, forum private messages, and my Formspring. All shitting themselves silly because the Final Fantasy articles were suddenly gone for a few days, and acting as if I owed them something because of it.

Let me just put it straight as I can, hopefully without being as offensive as I was on my Formspring: This is my website. I pay the bills here, I can do whatever I want with it, and I don't have to ask your permission or explain anything. Anyone could clearly see that Giant Bpwn was part of an April Fool's joke that was going to go on for some time, and there is absolutely no excuse for the way some of you people acted. You don't need those articles to live, and you can go without them for a few days. If you can't, fucking seek help. Better yet, GO OUTSIDE! The reaction and things people said to me was just sad, and honestly made me hate this site for a while until I learned to just laugh at how sad and pathetic these people were being. IT'S THE INTERNET! ENOUGH SAID!

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled Fiddlefaddle.


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