Vanor Heeds The Call of the Battlefield
May 3rd, 2012

Hey there! Been a while, hasn't it! Well hey, go ahead, get comfy, and get used to that! More on that in a bit, because first, we gots a rather large update for you to look at!

I've had this one in my possession for a little while, so apologies to Vanor Orion for taking so long to get it ready. Ya see, Vanor likes shootin' dudes (and not many robots). I mean, who out there doesn't? That's why it should surprise no one that he's here to regale us all with his tales from the battlefield, specifically EA's Battlefield 3. It's a bit of a two-parter, so grab that morning cuppa Joe (or Frank or Steve, like I fucking know what kinda guy you drink!) and read all about bullets, dudes, tanks, and helicopters and shit!

Alright, and the second part of our update today is pretty simple: Hey guys, don't send me any Guest Contributated content for a while, cause I don't really wanna edit it! Adult life sure has a lot of responsibilities! My position at my current job has me pretty much in charge of the place and it sucks up quite a bit of hours and energy over the course of the week, and I honestly just don't feel like spending the free time I have editing .xml files. That, and to be quite honest, I'm feeling more creatively brankrupt than I have in ages, which is rather disappointing for me considering the creative high I felt during the creation of Giant Bpwn.

So, other than whatever Patmouth (because I know you fuckers can't breathe without his words for some reason), Crono Maniac, heavymetalmage, and a few other choice contributators decide to whip up, don't expect much activity out of the site for a while other than the regular day-to-day happenings at our forums. I'm not really sure how long this will last, but it'll probably be a bit longer than the typical, "hey I'm taking a month off" kinda deal.

As always, stay tuned to the mainpage for information on when this changes. And have a fun summer and all that hub-bub!

Till next time!


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