Today (Yesterday) Was A Very Fucking Awesome Day!
June 29th, 2007

Can I get an "OH FUCK YES!"? I'd better! What fucking fantastic news. There's just so many things right about this preview. And though I know a lot of preview interviews are mainly just developers blowing hot smoke out of their own asses, I have no choice but to remain optimistic about this release. Finally! A game I can look forward to that's coming out on a system that I own!

I can't help but be completely fuck giddy at some of the things they're saying. Bringing the series back to its roots and mentioning New Super Mario Bros. as their inspiration pushes my expectations through the roof. I also like reading that they're not tackking on any shitty touch screen controls. The mention of a grappling hook kind of scared me at first, but as they explained how its used, my fears were put to rest. I try not to get excited about games anymore, because I'm always let down, but fuck damn it this HAS to be good.

The appearance of a creepy laughing Ryuuguu Rena on the front page can only mean one thing... It's almost Higurashi no Naku Koro ni time! July close, yet so far.

Anyway, a hawt new trailer was released featuring more clips from the show and a preview of the show's new OP. Can't say I'm a big fan of the new OP as I don't think it captures the general mood of the show as well as the first season's. With this and the first trailer, the art looks a little improved over the first season, and some who caught an early screening of the first episode say the show generally does look better. That was a problem with the first series too, however. The first arc looked pretty good, but went downhill after that. I think it gave the show its own little style, but I'm not blinded enough to not see that it was clearly a budget issue.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai starts July 11th (or so) and will contain 3 arcs - A new arc animated speciically for this series and the last two answer arcs from the game series. It'll run 24 episodes and take over my life for about another half a year.

Yep. It was a good day.


June 28th, 2007

Ol' Kazlo shot me an interesting review of Sacred for the PC yesterday. It's a little different than typical reviews go around here, so just a head's up. Unlike his other submissions, I actually got this one up faster than nine months later. So, be sure to head on over and check it out. And if you don't? Iunno, not much I can do about it, is there? I'm an internet people!

I just wrapped up episode 37 of the Death Note animu. That'd be the finale. Prior to this show, my favorite anime ending was probably the original Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, but Death Note has dethroned it. More often than not, anime endings leave you feeling empty becuase it's like the Japanese can't just fucking commit to something or dare to make a decision the fans might not agree with. Hello there, Mai HiME...oh for fuck's sake I watched that shit expecting something decent? Kill me, somebody. Anyway, Death Note pulled out all the stops and did exactly what I didn't think they'd have the balls to do and for that they get my respect. So, if you ever get the chance to check out Death Note via anime or manga (the anime really is better), by all means find a way to. The trip is totally worth it.

Okay, you can go now. I'm busy working on other stuff!


Oh Look, A Pat Update! Didn't See That Coming!
June 21st, 2007

Pat sure is churning these motherfuckers out quick. He's back with yet another installment of his Final Fantasy Extravaganza. Final Fantasy V is on the menu today. I never much cared for the taste of it, but ol' Patty Patty Two by Four over there might have an interesting thing or two to say about it.

And I will have more interesting stuff to say about things a bit later!


Dat NES Week Shiz!
June 16th, 2007

Alright, here's how it's gonna go down. I've decided to push NES Week back to the week of July 23rd - July 27th. So, that means anyone working on anything has well over a month to get it completed. If possible, I'd like to have all contributions sent in by July 22nd. I'll still try to take submissions during that week, but I'd much prefer them by the date mentioned.

To submit material all you need is to send me something NES-related. Articles, reviews, artwork, whatever. For articles and reviews, I prefer to have them typed up in a .txt (Notepad, Wordpad), or in a .doc. When providing images try to include them in the email as either separate attatchments or in a .rar/.zip with either filenames that easily tell me where they should go or numbers that indicate the order in which they appear (this just makes it easier for me to get them formatted). It's as easy as 1, deux, C!

Once you're finished, send that puppy off to:

All who have already sent in material have received replies, so you guys are good to go. If you sent in something and I haven't replied, please send again as there was a minor hiccup with my mail account a couple days ago.

And that should do it for the NES Week babble! Them's all the details, so get to it, ya lazy fucks!

It wouldn't be a fitting update for a new site without something new to look at, now would it? I've finally got around to posting the review of The Red Star for PS2 and included a nifty little video of gameplay with it, just because I'm cool like that.


Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net Version 2.FUCKAWESOME Launches!
June 15th, 2007

Welcome To Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net ver2.FUCKAWESOME!

Welcome to the new face of SMPS! I'd first like to say that there is no way this would have happened without the help and immense talent of Kjilly. Kjilly handled pretty much all the backend stuff, such as the php/xml engine, and did a spiffy job on the graphics and design work. Had it not been for Kjilly, we'd still be looking at that drab ol boring and dead HTML work I used to have to butcher everytime I needed to update. So a huge thanks to Kjilly for all the hard work and patience in helping get this thing set up.

The new site's clearly easy on the eyes, but is just as straightforward as the previous design. All the sections you're familiar with are all up there at the top and all the old content is new again...kinda, I think. You can hover over the Main button to access the mainpage archive! It's neato, burrito!

The only article currently offline is the SMPS Top 25 article from a couple years ago. I'll be completely rebuilding that article from the ground up at the request of people who felt their lists needed a change and to bring in a few more people to contribute. I'll have more info on how you can join in or make changes to your existing list in the coming weeks.

Some minor changes I've made in the transition to version 2.FUCKAWESOME include spiffying up past articles, adding a few more little things to play around with to the Random section, and I've changed a few review scores to be a little more honest with myself. Anyone who has given a game 5 Socks in the past has had it bumped up to a Gold Sock and that will be the practice from now on.

With the transition, though I've been as thorough as I possibly can, there still may be something here and there that doesn't quite work. If that's the case, I'll either spot it or if it goes unchecked (or if it's something you contributed) you can either email me or PM me at the 8 Easy Bits forum to let me know.

Lots more cool NES Week stuff showed up in my inbox this week, so to those holding out you still got time. I'll be announcing the final dates and junk sometime tomorrow once I've had time to think about it. 'Till then, you know the drill! Get that shit sent to:

And I'm out! Enjoy the new site!


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