On PSX Week
June 29th, circlenine

I've received quite a bit of email about this one, so I figured I'd go ahead and address it on the mainpage.

With the high I had coming off SNES Week at the first of the month from it being such a success, I had plans to go ahead and begin teasing/announcing PSX Week. However, looking at my schedule for the rest of the year in terms of both my social life and things that I personally want to accomplish and advance in real life, it's not in my best interest to try and put another one of these things together right now. Themed weeks eat up so much time and mental energy that I really can't focus on much else. I love all the content and site interest that rolls in, but I can't really divide my attention that way right now if I wish to strive for the things I wish to accomplish.

So, I'm sorry to those who may be let down, but you can look forward to reading and contributing to PSX Week next year. It's almost kinda weird how I can look that far forward in planning things for this site now.

And that's that. I'll likely be back next month with an update or two and have everything driving full-force again in August.

Enjoy your summer, kiddies!


SNES Week: Day Final
June 5th, circlenine

Believe me, I have been waiting ALL FUCKING WEEK to finally type those words. I don't mean that in any negative fashion, but holy shit has the turnout for this thing been far more than what I expected and I am beat. You fuckers proved me wrong and for that I commend you and thank you for such a great week of content. With that said, let's get the final day's festivities kicked off then, shall we?

Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net presents...

Polly's Awesome SNES Moments - A collection of some of my most near and dear moments in Super Nintendo Entertainment System history. It's OH SO GRIPPING!

Rhete caps off his week-long SHMUPSTRAVAGANZA SHMUPTACULAR with a special final day evaluation and awards for best and worst in the genre. Your definitive answers to shooty goodness lie in this special finale.

We also get to end the week with another brand-new contributor, and forum hanger-outter LadyRayna. She's brought with her today a 189.2% Polly-approved review of the Japanese only Shin Megami Tensei. For those wanting to get a good look at where things started for this series, this is your best bet.

Ed's doubling it up again today with a one-two paunch! REMEMBER, THE ONE-TWO PAUNCH! Firstly, he makes absolutely sure that every day of SNES Week contains a game about giant robots by giving us a look at the overlooked Squaresoft gem, Front Mission: Gun Hazard. And today he also puts the finishing touches on this StarFox 2 piece by giving us a video review. Heed the warning, my friends. Heed the warning...

The SNES Years have begun to wind down as Irish brings us his final piece of his Voyages... series. The last of the SNES Hurrahs can all be found here.

And the anticipation can finally be put to rest...

The final list of the SnS Forum's Top SNES Games, #15-#1 are finally here for your viewing pleasure. What games strut home with the top prizes? The link holds your answer.

If that wasn't enough for you, how about something really special? Pitchfork, has graced SMPS.Net with something neat as hell. A very special installment of 8 Easy Bits just for SNES Week. It breaks the hell out of the site's tables, but it's so good that I didn't even care!

And just as I thought we were about to put a cap on the week and call it in the can, I received a piece that, even though it was late, was so captivating... so thought-provoking... so touching, that I absolutely had to take time to accept it. This piece by Ether hardly needs any introduction, so just do yourself a favor and go read it.

Finally, today's spiffy-diffy banner was created by Pat.

And with that...we're done. I have to say I was overwhelmed with the turnout for this event. There were times along the way when I thought it wouldn't even happen, but in the end it all worked out and I was happy to see so much of a reception for everything. I owe a great debt of thanks to Rhete for helping with the metric fuckton of editing that had to be done this week. There's no way I could have handled everything by myself but he stepped up and filled in many more gaps than he really had to in order to make sure this thing wasn't a disaster.

To my contributors, 9th Automation, Ant Cooke, Ed, El Pato, Ether, Irish, LadyRayna, mehx, Pitchfork, Rhete, Scott, sunburstbasser, Vicraf, and Wolf, you all deserve the most thanks. You are what made this week into the monster that it was and I thank you for all the effort you put forth toward making sure this week was full of nothing but the best. After the success you've made this event, I have no reservations with continuing to try and do more like this in the future. Thank you.

So, what now? In all honesty, all the work that this week has been has left me fairly internet-burnt and I do believe I'm going to take the rest of the month off (and maybe a bit into next month) to recharge my batteries a bit.

My current plans are to re-open free guest content submissions shortly after my break and to keep on doin' what we do here at SMPS.Net. Maybe a surprise here and there, WHO KNOWS?

So from all of us here at the ol' SMPS.Net to all of you out there in Internet Land: PAYCE


SNES Week: Day Four
June 4th, circlenine

Hope you got a nice long lunch break, a long wait at an airport, or no kind of life whatsoever.... Well I think we just pegged my audience! Today's the fourth day of our amazing Super NES 16-bitathon and we've no shortage of things for you to read and see. So, let's just get things started!

Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net presents...


Ahhhh, space, the stars, planets, and big ol spaceships blowing the shit out of each other. It's almost a regular Star Wars dork-o-rama over at Rhete's place today as he punches it into warp speed and straight into the fourth sector of the SNES Shooters Shmupstravaganza system. Try saying that five times fast.

And if that's not enough shmuppery for you (boy, we're kinda hitting a theme today), then all-new contributor sunburstbasser may have the cure for what ails you with a nice big fat in-depth roundup of both Darius Twin and Darius Force. But we ain't done with space yet!

Ed has also returned and is super-ultra-omega dorkin' it up all over the place, but introduces the world to his furry side as he brings us the third episode of his StarFox 2 Let's Play. Does he have what it takes to pull off the rest of the mission for the sake of the Lylat System? You best be tunin' in and findin' out, queerball.

Keeping with another theme this week...ROBOTS! We've seen a whole shit load of robots this week, and today is no exception. New contributator-type person El Pato (not to be confused with normal Pat) delivers another fine dose of heavy metal machinery with a fun little round up of all three Mega Man X titles. It's got lotsa words AND pretty pictures! Enough to appease even tardmos like byron :D

Or perhaps you dig HEAVY METAL but fall more in line with armor, knights, and swords. Well, not being one to disappoint Wolf, generous god he is, has heard your pleas and blessed you all with an in-depth look at the Japanese-only Fire Emblem 5: Thracia 776. Click link to give your thanks.

And we can't have a fourth day without Irish's fourth installment of his award-winning documentary These Are The Voyages.... You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll poop your pants. Rhete already did while he was editing it. Or he just likes pooping himself...I DON'T KNOW DON'T ASK ME!

Finally, I know it's drivin' the lot of you folks crazy, so I'm sure you'll be happy to see...

Today we hit titles #40-#16 and the competition couldn't be anymore fierce. We're closing in on the end and this build up is sure to be an exciting enough display to keep you all excited for tomorrow's finale.

Again...Today's banner was provided by Rhete. I can promise you TOMORROW'S IS NOT!

Thanks everyone for tuning in today. Hope to see you here tomorrow for the finale, as we'll be once again packed to the brim with excellent content to keep you busy.



SNES Week: Day Three
June 3rd, circlenine

Hello, this is Polly S. Hate and WELCOME TO SOCKSMAKEPEOPLESEXY.NET PRESENTS SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM WEEK 2009 DAY THREE! YEAH! Hahaha, faaaantastic! Let's get this beauuutiful day of content started, then, right, Super Nintendo Entertainment System 16-bit? Hahaha, yeah!

Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net MAGNIFICENTLY presents...GRR!


Up next, Rhete returns with his SUPER HEAVY METAL OUTSTANDING third installment of his week-long SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM 16-BIT SHMUPSTRAVAGANZA! Yeah! Haha, it's faaaaantastic!

Our awesome, ULTRA friend Ed returns to us today with not one, but TWO, count them, two BEAUTIFUL and FAAAANTASTIC pieces of fine Super Nintendo Entertainment System 16-bit entertainment. First up, you can click this faaaantastic link right here to read his review of Super Battleship. And then, hahaha, you can click this ULTIMATE link to see EPISODE TWO of his amazing StarFox 2 Let's Play! Hahaha, it's OOOOOOMEGA!

OH WHAT THE? WHO'S 9th Automation? I haven't seen this guy before! His name sounds like...HEAVY METAL! HAHA, YEAH FAAAAAANTASTIC! Today for us, he has provided a beautifully done heavy metal review of Robotrek YEAH!

Also today, Irish brings us the third part of his magical ULTIMATE SNES Years retrospective bringing us to the fabulous year of 1993!

And finally today, we reach the beautiful part 3 of...

This brings us from games #65-#41. With the last two parts of this AMAZING list upon us, competetion is gonna be faaaaaaaaantastic!

Today's magnificent banner was provided by Rhete.

Well, that about does it for Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net Presents Super Nintendo Entertainment System Week 2009 DAY THREE. Tune in tomorrow for DAY FOUR, HAHA! YEAH!



SNES Week: Day Two
June 2nd, circlenine

Welcome back, jerk! I hope you're ready to have even more SNES Goodness shoved down your fucking face, because we got so much stuff for you today, you'll need to set aside 800,000,000 years JUST TO TACKLE IT ALL! Well, I may have overestimated just an eensy-weensy tad, but you get the point right? SO LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net Presents...


Next up today, Rhete returns with the second installment of his ALL WEEK-LONG SHOOTERTHON covering the year 1992. Docking begins as soon as you click the link.

We got another new friend stopping by today, going by the name of Ant Cooke. Strangely, I keep wanting to call him Ant Cookie... Which may be oddly appropriate since he's dropped off a smexxy review of an obscure little title called Out To Lunch. God, my transitions are always so smooth huh?

Speaking of barbershop quartets, Vicraf hits us with another fun review today. E.V.O.: The Search For Eden takes center stage in this truly evolutionary review.

SMPS.Net regular Irish brings us up to year two in his week-spanning retrospective. Optional dipping sauces are included, just ask your waitress and she'll be happy to accomodate you.

Master of the "Now I'm Here, Now I'm Not" maneuver, and esteemed SMPS.Net contributor Scott helps continue a bit of a running theme we have this week. It's another Giant Robotan game, and it's a bit obscure, but still worth talking about: Xardion. Dey's lotsa pretty pikshurs in it for you to look at too!

Four-eyed geek Ed has a very special treat in store for the rest of the week. He's bringing us the joys of video with a special Let's Play series of videos for the completed, yet unreleased StarFox 2. First episode is up today and the rest will be appearing throughout the rest of the week. You won't wanna miss it!

Also today (THIS IS THE CONTENT THAT NEVER ENDS...), we have the second installment of our amazing LIST-O-MANIA...

Today we cruise games #90-66, and is still a lot of games chosen by one person! Seriously, it fattens up later!

On another side-note, today's banner was created by Rhete.

Well, I can tell you're all eager to get to crackin' on all this awesome new content, so I'll let you go! Tune in tomorrow (and the rest of the week) which will feature the site absolutely fucking OVERRUN with new stuff every day. I'm not kidding when I say you'll be busy reading/watching it all. Have fun folks!


SNES Week: Day One
June 1st, circlenine

Welcome one and all to the first ever SNES Week. A week-long celebration of what many consider Nintendo's finest piece of hardware and the bringer of so so many of gamers' favorite hits throughout the 1990's. We're all 16-bit, all week, and we hope you tune in every day for the freshest of the fresh in SNESSERY! We got a ton of shit for you to read, watch, and look at, so chill the fuck on out and enjoy what we have in store for today!

Socksmakepeoplesexy.Net Presents...


Up next we have something else that may seem a bit familiar. Rhete decided to go all nuts again, playing and reviewing every damn SNES Shmup in existence. So, why not fly on over and have a look at what 1990 and 1991 had to offer in terms of bullets and ships and let him know what you think about it?

Up next, a new cat takes the stage. In with his first ever SMPS.Net submission we have Vicraf, and he's here to bubble and bobble a bit with a squeaky clean review of Puzzle Bobble.

Not a strange face to the ol SMPS is our good friend, the revered Mr. Ed. Today, he straps into the cockpit of 20 tons of steel and circuitry, giving us a mighty fine look the SNES port of Mechwarrior. It's heavy, Doc. Heavy.

Next, Irish takes us on the first part of a five-year voyage through his SNES history.

Finally, over at the ol' Socks n' Sliders forums we had as many people put together lists and comments for their favorite SNES Games and scientifically compiled a big ass five-part list out of them. So prepare yourself for...

Today, we'll see what places from #115-#91. The entry may seem a little bare-bones, but it's mostly made up of games only one person chose. It'll fatten up as the week goes on, believe me. Where'd your favorite games end up? Only one way to find out, fuckface.

On a special note, today's SMPS.net header banner was created by our good friend mehx at the SnS forums.

And with that we put a cap on the first day of SNES Week. Tomorrow we'll be back with even more awesome. Ha-cha-cha...


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