Ground Control To Major Tom
July 31st, 2005

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater review finished and up. Yeah, the game's been out since November, but I've gone through absolute fucking HELL trying to actually play the damn game.

Here's my emo-fucking-story in one paragraph because I hate you.

The first copy of the game I got for Christmas didn't work. I exchaged it for another fresh copy and it still had the same problems. So, I say fuck it and buy a new PSTwo. STILL the same fucking problems. I call Konami, they tell me to go fuck myself. Then they tell me to send my copy to them. So, I do. Three months later, I get a package in the mail from Konami and a letter saying "Fuck you." Well it actually said, "We couldn't find any fault with this copy of the game." In that time, I'd bought another copy of the game, because I didn't think I was gonna see the one I shipped off to Konami ever again since it'd been over two months. Finally get around to wanting to play the game again this past week, and just as I beat The End and go into my save menu, the game crashes wiping out every last save I'd created over the past 4 years on my memory card. So, I run said copy of the game through a CD shredder twice, piled the remains inside the box and burnt the remains in my backyard. I then bought a new memory card (because I destoyed that too) and began playing the game again with my other copy. Long story short (because I'm fucking sick of typing) I beat the game on a binge all night run last night.

So there.

Everyone needs to check out 8 Bit too. No, seriously. Just go download the video for I-Deez and that'll be enough to sell you on these guys.

I have nothing else to say.


Super Mario Bros. 3: The Lost Levels
July 16th, 2005

THIS is friggin awesome. Awesome how shit like this can be found YEARS after you think they've exhausted all the secrets in a game.


I Am Very Bored
July 15th, 2005

I guess the two of you out there that read my site (Hi, Dad :D), have noticed a lot of nothing appearing here lately. Well, the bottom line is that I'm just very bored of doing this whole thing and I'm just not having fun with it right now. Plus I got some crap going on in real life to deal with, so the combination of both has left me not wanting to do much at all.

I am going to be working on a little article with Decoy and Pitchfork (maybe a couple others if they want on board) so I'll get that posted whenever it's all together.

So, for now, just don't expect to see a lot of material on the site aside from sporadic blurbs on the main page.


Welcome To The Scene
July 8th, 2005

I've been watching The.Scene today after having downloaded it earlier this week, and I gotta say I find it pretty damn interesting.

It's about "The Scene" that exists, providing peer to peer networks, file traders, and DVD bootleggers with the latest movies, oftentimes before they are actually released. Most of the story unfolds in the form of IRC chats, AIM, and ICQ sessions. I didn't think this would be so effective but at around episode 4, I found myself really into what was going on.

It's completely free and legal, and if you'd like a glimpse of what goes on in the scene, and are interested in a different kind of storytelling then you should check out The.Scene.


July 4th, 2005

Independance and freedom should have limits. I also believe that people should be brutally executed for being excessively fucking frivilous and stupid. Some people need to have their breathing rights revoked.

Protip: ASTROLOGY IS FAKE! If you or anyone you know pays for anything having to do with astrology, you should all fucking die and have pencil sharpened dicks shoved in your ears.

I don't know why, but this creeps me out. It creeps me out even more that I bought it for $3.00.

Get the fuck out..


If You Agree With Me You're A Paranoid Idiot Just Like Me
July 3rd, 2005

I was gonna write a big manifesto about the videogame industry as a whole and why I believe that this console cycle will be the one that causes the industry to crash again, but it appears that I'm not the only person people will think is a paradnoid idiot fuck for thinking this way.

A Gamer's Manifesto
This is a very well thought out piece on 20 things that real fucking gamers (not you GTA/Halo fucktwits) want out of the new console cycle, but definitely won't see.

Business of Games
Title is pretty self-explanatory.

Life After The Videogame Crash
This is a bit long, but serves up a lot of reasons as to why we're headed for a crash.

I agree with everything written in the above articles. I don't think we're gonna see a multi-hundred billion dollar crash akin to the one in 1983, but I think it is gonna have some serious repercussions. This cycle is already gonna pretty much see the smaller developers who don't have $20,000,000 to develop a game out the door, which is sad because they're the ones doing the best work.

This cycle has nothing to do with the games. And the games aren't even all that better. Technically, from a gameplay standpoint, we've been playing the same games since around 1997-1999, only dressed up in different wrapping. This time it's all about specs, which mean fucking NOTHING to me as a gamer. Awesome specs aren't going to give me a fun gaming experience, and believe it or not, there are actually gamers out there who actually care about something other than pretty grafffffiiiixxxx.

I'll let the articles say everything else I wanna say. They're a bit long, but all make damn good points and say everything I've wanted to. I'm actually kinda anticipating a crash, because the bubble can't get much bigger. And then Nintendo will swoop in to save us again! And that's not just fangirl talk bullshit. They did it last time, and seem to be the only company that cares about doing something different and taking risks (which just sounds fucking weird when I say that about tight-ass Nintendo.)


July 1st, 2005




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