This One's For Kjilly
July 24th, circlenine

Let's add another new section to our Reviews portion of the site today, shall we?

Digging all the way back to 1993 to a game that I only first played and finished in 2004 thanks to the kind recommendation by Kjilly, today I decided to take a dive into a warzone. If the theme playing on the mainpage for the past 24 hours hasn't been hint enough, then let's spill the beans already and unleash the fire and fury of an Amiga Cannon Fodder review. You like shooting doods? Then you may wanna check this out!

Also, I'll take this opportunity to announce that I will resume taking guest contributions on a regular basis beginning August 1st. They may go up a little slower than they have in the past, but everything's still the same.



Wands Out!
July 19th, circlenine

Isn't that about the gayest little title for an entry ever?

Well, depending on how you see things, it may be quite appropriate. In his first Feature update since 962 years ago, Rhete is back with another timely and informative movie review. This time it's all about that soon-to-be box office record setting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Do magic and witches exist? Of course they do, but this review will be sure to give you the head's up on who should be allowed to use magic and who should not.

Have a magical Sunday, you fuckhats!


Go! Go! Bionic!
July 14th, circlenine

The coming of summer saw the arrival of a PlayStation 3 into my household and with it, the joy of gaming once again. I'm actually playing games again and it feels quite nice! I've amassed a small library of six games since then (though only two are pictured), and I assure you, I'm having fun! Is the apocalypse nigh? It just may be.

With that said, today I give an in-depth look at the PS3/360 release Bionic Commando. If you'll remember I gave Bionic Commando: Re-Armed a perfect score last year, so can this next-gen sequel live up to the legacy the series has created? Follow the pink click click thingy to find out.

On a side-note, I didn't bother writing up the online multiplayer for this game. If anybody wants to make an addendum, you know how to contact me.

Finally, everyone might be happy to know that decoy octopus actually updated for the first time in 19 years. Today, he reviews a Japanese Cartoon he pretends not to like but is secretly in love with.

Alright, back to your NEVER ENDING SUMMER SONG!


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