Final Bit Of Cartoons List Information
July 24th, 2011

Alrighty, they've begun to flood in with today being the deadline and all. Fret not if I haven't gotten back with you yet to confirm your list is a-okay. Odds are it is because it's really hard to mess this stuff up! Anyway, work's been keeping me a bit busy as of late, so I'll be getting back with you folks throughout the week. Just keep an eye on the ol' Inbox.

So, when are these dang-blasted things going up? A week or two from now. Again, work's keeping me plenty tied up lately, but that's my goal. Sometime between now and August 7th. I really don't wanna go beyond that, so I'm going to try my best so that you don't have to wait long.

As for you stragglers who may need an extra day or two to get something in, now's the time to email me. A few people have already gotten in touch with me about getting an extension and they're fine, but if you're now at the deadline and haven't talked to me yet but need the time, now's the time to ask. At some point it will be "too late" to turn something in and I can't keep pushing that time back for everybody.

Alrighty then, that's all I gots for now.


We're Gonna Have An Upri--no wait we already did that one...
July 22nd, 2011

Holy son of a dicktit is it ever fucking hot out! Temps hit 106 degrees here in Polly Land yesterday, and they're saying it's gonna be even worse today. So, I would advise you again to "Be cool, my kitties," because the weather isn't fuckin' around and clearly WANTS YOU DEAD! What you need is to stay inside in the nice cool air conditioning (god, I hope you have air conditioning) and waste your time on this here website! We got a pretty large update for you today, so that should be even more incentive to stay inside and be the lazy slob you're already quite the pro at being!

So, how would you folks like it if I sat down and just talked about Contra: Hard Corps, one of my favoritest games ever. WRONG! IDIOT! You wouldn't. DON'T EVER QUESTION ME! That'd be boring! We all know what I think about Contra: Hard Corps. So, what if I told you that instead, ol' Beepner sat down and just talked about Contra: Hard Corps? No really, he did, and as it turns out he had quite a bit to say about one of the games I hold so dear, and I figured someone else's opinion on the matter would be way more interesting than my clearly biased opinion would! So have a trip on over to that there interbutts page and give it a nice thorough read-through.

What are you waiting for? Reviews don't fucking read themselves!


Xaenyn - Burn Fix EP Released!
July 15th, 2011

Man, it's a scorcher out there isn't it? Tough day at work too, huh? Well, it's the weekend, so it's time to just chill the hell out, and lucky for you, SMPS.Net friend mehx (aka: Max Wisniewski...his fucking name is MAX...that's just too cool...) just released his multi-instrumental solo project Xaenyn - Burn Fix for us all to enjoy and chill out with. It's a groovy, easy-listening, experimental, and atmospheric six-track work that's totally worth your download link click. Get out there and give some good tunes a listen. Your ears will thank you!

Be cool, my kitties!


Looks Like Team Mana Is Blasting Off Again!
July 14th, 2011

Wow, it's been a while since we had one of these right? WELL WHATEVER! YOU DON'T KNOW NOTHIN'! Fat Kakashi and decoy octopus ain't gotta answer to you for shit, so I think it's about time you climb down off of that high horse of yours 'fore your face catches the wrong side of my bat. Oh, and hey, while you're climbing on down, you can while away the time by watching the thirteenth episode of FattyK and Decoy's Secret of Mana 2 Let's Play. In this episode FattyK makes a decision that could make or break our team of adventureous youths!

And with that, we're done here! I should note that next week I'll be out of town on work-related matters and will have limited access to e-mail, so replies to inquiries or submissions will either be really slow or I'll simply get to them when I'm back at home.


The End of Innocence
July 5th, 2011

Some of you 'round these parts who've been here a while may know Vanor Orion as our resident Nintendo zealot/sales figures argument guy. Oh, the days we'd laugh and laugh while arguing about various things related to Nintendo (and even a good few things not related to Nintendo) and how Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo sales figures Nintendo. Such bright and hopeful days. We were all so innocent then. So innocent and naive. Why it almost seems like yesterday that Nintendo sales figures.

But, as times does pass, so too do we get older, wiser, and sales figures....

Some of you may be familiar with a movement started lately by some people on the interbutts, codenamed Operation Rainfall, to get some hotly-anticipated Wii titles released in the states. Cause ya know, people fucking want REAL games to play. Their efforts have fallen on the big bloated deaf ears over at Nintendo, and this has set none too well with Mr. Orion, as he's penned his magnum opus, directed squarely at the company that has so scorned him and those like-minded individuals who just want something to play. This is an opinion piece and will be open for discussion at ye olde forums, so be sure to hit the link at the end of the article. I can also guarantee that there will be at least one mention of sales figures. Strap one on, it's time to jam!

And after reading that, you can write about cartoons!


This Update Is Only For The Manliest Of Men
July 1st, 2011

Just how manly are you? With AMUUUURRRRRHURHURHURRRRICA Day coming up on Monday, it'll no doubt be time to prove to the world just how AMURRRRRRRHURHURICAN you are by exhibiting various displays of AMURRRRRRHURRHURRRRICAN manliness. You know, stuff AMURRRRHURRHURRRICANS do like eating your own weight in deep-fried Twinkies (sup, decoy!), racing monster trucks, and trying to light fireworks off the end of your pecker! REAL MANLY STUFF! So, you folks be sure to go ahead and have a blast. I'll be rooting for you every step of the way.

More sensible folks, let's take our own Crono Maniac for example, will be taking the high ground and maybe trying to prove to the world that we've got more braincells than we do, by performing high-brow manly feats such as watching Japanese Cartoons about fairy tales and ballet and then writing reviews about them. We're digging deep into the manly stuff here, folks. No little girls allowed. (No offense to any little girls out there.) (sup, decoy!)

And ya know what? An added bonus is that if you're having crappy day, just shoot him an email, and Crono Maniac will personally come to your house in full Princess Tutu cosplay and dance all your troubles away. You tell me what's more manly than that? Fucking nothing.

So there ya go! Enjoy your day of getting fat and blowing things up all in the name of AMURRRRHURRHURRRRRRICA: Land of the Free, where the government has the freedom to squash your freedoms!

Except your freedoms to send us your top 10 list of cartoons, which are now due by July 24th


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