It's A Gaming Extravaganza
August 28th, 2005

It's been a long time in the works, but the hard work of five people has finally come together to form the largest article in this site's brief 4 month lifespan.

All props go to Pitchfork for approaching me with the idea a month or so ago. It's taken a long time to finally get everything together, get everyones' lists finished, and then get them all HTML'd up, and I think the overall results were well worth all the effort put forth.

The Socksmakepeoplesex.Net Top 25 Games of All Time

I think the entire article is a really interesting read. When we first started this, I had no idea that the lists of peoples' favorite games would be so varied and diverse. I think that's been the coolest thing to me about working on this article. There's a lot of really cool games listed in everyone's list, and I actually found myself wanting to revisit some of the classics a lot of people mentioned. I figure the same thing will happen to you too.

I'd like to thank everyone who came together to make this article a reality. First and foremost, Pitchfork for having the idea in the first place. Thanks go to Decoy, Kjil, and Fallout for their contributions to the article as well. A special thanks goes to byronhulcher for his sprite-editing work in the graphical menu that's in the article. I asked him, pretty much at the last minute to make me some sprites for all the people that had submitted a list, and he came through. So, thanks for being cool and doing such a good job at the last minute.

With that said, all that's left to do now is read the article. Enjoy.


We're Going In-Depth, Bitches!
August 27th, 2005

Kjil has put together a very extensive, detailed, and extremely well-written review of Half-Life 2 for PC and I think everyone should go and read it and fucking LIKE IT. I think Kjil's point of view and review of this game is quite refreshing and not loaded with any of the bullshit typically found in online and magazine editor reviews.

I was originally going to do the review, but Kjil has been following Half-Life 2 since it was just a rumour, and I think has a much better take on it than I could provide.

So stand at attention, you fucks. There's a Lieutennant in the house.


What? Content?
August 26th, 2005

Yes, it appears that over the last couple of days, some content has been developed for the site! What the hell? Could this mean that I possibly care? I doubt it, but you're gonna stay tuned anyway! That's what loyal, dog-like followers do!

Up first, Decoy Octpus has submitted an article about everyone's current favorite superpower. I plan on writing a counter-point to this article at some point in time, but like everything else I plan on doing, I'll probably never get around to it. Oh well.

I've also finished up a Neo Contra review for your reading pleasure as well. Isn't that special? Content this month that wasn't done by somebody else!

Another big update coming soon, hopefully by the end of the weekend, Monday or Tuesday at the very latest.

Kjil was browsing about the internet the other day and happened across what can only be described as The Absolutely Shittiest Webpage In Existence. This page is a fucking phenomenon! Go ahead! Open it in FireFox! Gaze at its unrivaled glory! Navigate around! I guarantee within a few clicks it's gonna crash your browser.

Initially, I thought this was just another case of a page being incompatable with FireFox. So, I opened it up in IE and FUCKING GOD DAMN! It's almost worse! You got the same shitty broken webpage, only a little less broken, and now you've got fucking MIDI OF LIKE A VIRGIN BLASTIN OUT YO SPEAKERS, BITCH!

If you or anyone has actually given these fucks money... Give me your address, because I'm going to come to your house and beat you for 9 hours straight with a blunt object!


Unpaid Labour
August 22nd, 2005

The Hutch totally volunteered his services and wrote a review for a landmark Sega Genesis game. When I'm too lazy and uninterested in doing content for the site myself, my loyal dog-like follower fans like to update it for me. Hutch, you have a fraction of my gratitude. More than most people get, so be happy.


Oh God, I'm So Wet!
August 17th, 2005


Let's Go Bowling!
August 14th, 2005

Even if Half-Life 2 was a shitty disappointment, it's great to know that you can still go Bowling For Combine (Right Click/Save As/Requires XviD Codec).

Don't feel like doing content right now (again) so don't expect much the rest of the month aside from maybe a new article and a review.


Because It Bears Repeating
August 11th, 2005


MASER CHEF!!111111
August 2nd, 2005


August 1st, 2005

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes review is up sans pictures, because I just didn't feel like putting them in right now. I'll put some in later, but I also said that about the God of War review. But God of War is shit, so who cares, right?


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