August 26th, 2008

I'm sorta back from the business I needed to take care of last week, but I still won't be able to get to any recent submissions or email for probably another week or so. Just a head's up. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Also...What the FUCK happened yesterday?

Yesterday this site served 5gb of traffic. That's a fuckin record considering the record before that was maybe 2-2.5gb. What the hell happened? SOMEBODY was anticipating my return, for sure!

And today we've used almost 200mb total. What the shit people?

Anyway, I hope to have things back to normal sometime next week. Until then! Sayonara!


August 15th, 2008

On this far-too-early Friday morning we have our first updated feature since its implementation! Rhete happened across a review for the movie Pineapple Express and turned it in at our site's Lost and Found department. I think we'll find a good home for it: Your internet browser when you click the link to read it.


Eight, Eight, Eight
August 8th, 2008

Ahhh, another day, another fine dose of some new reader submissions! Let's get to 'em shall we?

Vanor Orion had a look at my SNES section and after seeing only one review he said, "Nuh-uh, fuck that!" and decided it was high-time for something new. So what'd he do? Well of course he submitted a hot new review of the classic Super Turrican for SNES! Why not go and give it a look? It's sure to bring some joy to your otherwise sad and pitiful existence.

And after you've got your jollies off with mayhem and explosions, why not have a look at what our old friend Kazlo is up to? He's served up a nice big-fat three-reviews-in-one extravaganza that should keep you for a while.

While we're on the subject of ol' Kazzy, I'd just like to tell him that if you like something, it's okay to admit it! You don't have to beat around the bush. There's no shame in it! Even if it's kinda girly and squashes whatever little masculinity you had, just go to the mirror later today and say, "I'm Kaz and I like Kim Possible." You'll feel a ton better about it. Trust me.

So, go give these two lads' reviews the attention they deserve and leave me the fuck alone. I'm doing IMPORTANT THINGS! (read: not really.)


This I Command
August 6th, 2008

Another sunny summer August day in the heat got you down? Well, Vanor Orion, the newest fresh meat to submit something to the ol' smps has something that might help ya. How about cool as the other side of the pillow review of StarFox Command for Nintendo DS to alieviate that insane heat we've been having lately? Well, I have air conditioning, but just in case you don't, perhaps the review will do some good for ya!

Go check it out! Don't let a single one through!


New Site Features, Some Doo-dads, and The Origins of SMPS!
August 4th, 2008

First, for those who are still in that 16-bit mood and haven't quite finished havin' their bit o' fun with last week's festivities:

Now, onto business!

With the recent cancellation of The Adventures of Pat & Polly, comes the addition of a new section to the site!

I give you the all-new (kinda) Features Section. This section of the site has a lot in common with the Articles section, only Features are more like "columns" or something and updated on a more "regular" basis. I'm currently working on two brand new Features that'll be launching within the next few weeks. One which will be mostly written by myself and another that ANYONE can submit to and I hope will grow to quite a size in the future, so I'm sure you'll wanna be tuned into that. As always, updates to running Features will be announced on this page too, so no need to keep F5'ing the section to see if something new is up.

Speaking of the Articles Section, I've cleaned that one up a bit and re-organized it in a more fair manner. That whole, "throw shit in there randomly" thing wasn't quite working out well.

The next little feature I've added are Submitter Profiles. They look like this. If you've ever submitted something to the ol' smps.net in the past (or plan to in the future), you'll have one of these.

You can head on over to Contributor Central to check up on your page. If there's anything I've missed that you've submitted, please let me know with an email. If you'd like to change the avatar associated with your profile send me a 100x100 image to replace it with, or If you have a website you want plugged in there, just send me all the info and I'll get it in there for you. If you'd like to add an email address to your profile you'll have to ask. This is something I will never add without you explicitly requesting it. You'll also notice that in every article you've submitted now, that there'll be a link to your profile in the header. Just tryin' to give my contributors all the recognition they deserve. You guys is worth it!

Some other odds and ends I've dinked around with on the site including giving all those spiffy Genesis Week Banners their own page. Head on over there and you'll even find an extra banner that wasn't used. Jaq's highly-praised sprite work for two huge past articles has now been collected into one spiffy page also, so now you can save all your favorite little sprite-edited doods!

Our last little update today is a little bit of an easter egg -- a FOR DA FANS moment if you will. It's not all that spectacular, but I'm sure someone will find it a little neat.

If you've read the Cheetahmen and Ninja Cop vs Ninja Clown articles, you know that they were originally written for a site I had back in 2003. This site was hosted on an older, now long-defunct site. You can now view my old site in its entirety and discover the origins of what would later become smps (and a FIVE YEAR OLD TYPO RIGHT ON THE INDEX!) Yeah, it only lasted two updates for some reason, but you can clearly see my taste for website simplicity was alive and well even back then (and the code is ATROCIOUS). So yeah, just a little something neat to look at and cool to have archived on the site.

And finally...

Word of the day!

Hope everybody enjoys the new stuff!


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