Video Game Evil Overlords in 101 Easy Steps
August 26th, circlenine

Today we add another new friend to the Wide World of Socks. Hardcore Gaming 101 contributator-type person Robert Greene (better known to some as BionicCommando83) dropped me a fun new article on 100 things you can do to be a proper video game overlord. Think you're up to the challenge or are you just another Wily/Bowser/Robotnik in the making? Get them highlighters out!

After reading the article, you should also continue wasting your time playing XALAXER.


Do You Like Dem Space Shootans?
August 25th, circlenine

Of course you do, and that's why you should play Rhete's new brain-melting space shooter...

Control two ships at the same time and destroy as many enemies as possible before they overwhelm you or your brain simply breaks from the duality! Sure, it may start out easy, but after a few minutes your brain begins to slowly fry.

Great way to waste some time at work folks.


August 18th, circlenine

Hooray for Guest Contributions! The bulk of today's update is made up entirely of it. Kinda like last year's August...huh...

Up first, another new best friend emerges! FreezingInferno gets all roboty and 8-bit at the same time with sweet little review of the last 8-bit Mega Man game, Mega Man 6. Did one of the NES' greatest franchises end its 8-bit run on a bang or whimper? The only way you're gonna find out is by clicking da linking!

Up next, fresh off his SNES Week debut, Vicraf goes all vroom, vroom and portable with a review of F-Zero: GP Legend on GameBoy Advance. Vroom, vroom motherfuckers, indeed.

Finally, in a not-so-important update, I've updated my Japanese Cartoon Wishlist for all you Japanese Cartoon licensors out there who are no doubt reading this right now!

I should note that I won't be checking my email for a few days starting tomorrow because I'm having some dental work done and that shit just sucks. Just a head's up on anyone trying to communicate in the next few days.

Now get outta here.


Oye, It's Been Too Long...
August 14th, circlenine what some of you who have submitted Guest Contributions may be thinking. The original plan was to get that stuff up this weekend, but unfortunately I'm not going to have the time to be able to do so. I'll have to go ahead and aim for "sometime next week" on getting your stuff up. Many apologies.


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