My, My, Pitchfork! What A Long Article You Have!
September 17th, 2006

Holy fuck, where do I start...okay...let's see here...

You guys know Pitchfork right? That guy that makes the only sprite comic worth a shitting god damn? Ummm... The Obsessed (though not obese) battered spouse-like Final Fantasy/Square fanboy? The guy that did that thing with his underwear once and made his woo-woo place hurt real bad? Hmm... THE [REDACTED]! Yeah! Now you remember!

Well, he sure loves him some King of Fighters. He loves him some King of Fighters so much that he's written the longest article by any single contributor and I seriously think he's rivalling Spydakween in terms of being a gigantic blabbermouth.

Anyway, he put a hell of a lot of effort into the piece and I dilly-dallied around longer than I should have in getting it up (Fucking PSU), so go and read it. Even if you don't like 2D fighters or King of Fighters as much as this guy, you're sure to learn something (hell I did!). Think of it as that novel you're gonna read before going to sleep. Thanks, Pat.

And that'll do it for now! Stay tuned while I do NOTHING!


Fuckin' SCORE!
September 12th, 2006

Hey there! Remember me? Remember when I used to post stuff here? Remember how I'd post stuff here on sort of a regular basis, then stop for a while, then come back and be all..."Hey there! Remember me?" Man those were the days...

Yeah, it's been a while. I get bored and then go do other stuff till I get bored, and then come back to this to get even more bored, only to find something else to be bored of later. It's a vicious circle.

There are a couple new pieces of work being put up soon and I believe they're both by Mr. Pitchfork. I've had one of his pieces for a few weeks now and only now got around to getting it formatted so it'll be here...sometime. I pray by early next week at the very latest. Fucking PSU.

The only noticeable thing I've done with this update is add the icons supplied by kc green for NES Week: Part Deux to the Random section of the site and given them their own little home, because they're too damn cute for their own good.

And now I'm gonna yammer on and on about the new Dream Theater DVD.

Dream Theater - Score

Prog-metal Gods, Dream Theater certainly do love to keep their fans happy with a steady stream of releases, live material, and official bootlegs. It was only a little over two years ago that their last live DVD (Live At Budokan) was released and now they've released yet another. It certainly pays to be a fan of this band, I tells ya.

Score is a live recording of Dream Theater's 20th Anniversary World Tour's grand finale at Radio City Music Hall in New York on April 1st, 2006. It features 14 tracks hitting every point of the band's history in just a teensy bit under the three-hour mark. The first set clocks in at about an hour and sees the band cranking out tunes from as far back as their 1985 days as Majesty all the way up to 2005's Octavarium. Even the disappointing Falling Into Infinity album gets some play, in the form of a never released song from those sessions (and one of the highlights of the disc, I think) "Raise The Knife."

Set two is where this DVD truly shines, though. It may only be 6 songs, but they make every last bit of those 90 minutes count. For this set the band is accompanied by an orchestra and if you've ever heard Dream Theater music, you know God damn well that their music has been begging for the full orchestral arrangement for YEARS and it's great to finally hear it.

The second set kicks off with a completely awe-inspiring and amazingly beautiful rendition of their 42 minute epic "Six Degrees of Inner-Turbulence." The orchestra appears from out of nowhere to the surprise of the audience and plays the seven minute Overture in its entirety as the band seamlessly works their way into the song beginning with "About To Crash." I was literally moved many times during this one song at how beautiful every note sounded with the accompaniment of a full orchestral ensemble. "Losing Time/Grand Finale's" closing moments were unbelievably powerful and this one song is worth the $17 price tag alone.

A majority of the final set is dedicated to tracks from Octavarium. I didn't really have a problem with that, but was hoping for a little more diversity along the lines of the Budokan DVD. But even if most of the tracks are from one album, they're all churned out flawlessly. "The Answer Lies Within" and "Sacrificed Sons" is another pair of songs that both have powerful meanings that are only amplified by the band's enthusiasm playing them and the orchestra pushing that intensity to the next level. "Octavarium" gets the proper orchestral treatment too with a high energy performance from the band and a euphoric seven minute keyboard solo intro by Jordan Rudess. When the song finally transitioned from the intro into involving the entire band and orchestra, I got chills the first time. I don't think I'll ever listen to the studio version of this song ever again! "Metropolis Part I" is the encore and final song of the night and really ends the set with a bang. Made me wanna hear Metropolis Part II in its entirety with a symphony too.

Performance-wise everyone was on top of their game, and for a production as grandiose as this one, they absolutely had to be. I really expect nothing but perfection from these guys to be honest. Not a botched note or dropped beat in the entire set. Even LaBrie's voice managed to survive the entire set, unlike Budokan, right down to the closing moments of Metropolis.

I have to give the band credit for being a little more active onstage than they were on the Live at Budokan DVD. LaBrie, Portnoy, and Rudess clearly seem to enjoy themselves far more than Petrucci and Myung, but the latter two have quite a few intense pieces of music to try and play too. Mike Portnoy is one hell of an entertaining drummer. The guy never misses a beat and his sticks are never still for a moment. He's clearly into the show at all times, flipping sticks around, throwing them, bouncing them off cymbals and catching them NEVER MISSING A FUCKING BEAT. Special mention also goes to Jordan Rudess as being the most entertaining keyboardist I've ever seen. I don't even play keyboard, but just watching him work and get into the music really made me wanna pick one up.

Just as with Dream Theater's previous DVD releases, the visuals and audio are top notch. This concert in 5.1 is a mind-blowing eargasm, end of fucking story. The video production is handled very well, with every member of the band getting a good bit of screentime while they do their thing, mixed with a lot of good shots of the crowd. It doesn't have that "change camera every 2 seconds" production that makes me sick watching most concert DVDs.

The extras aren't bad either. You get an hour long documentary about how the band has progressed over the past 20 years in their own words as they visit the Berklee College of Music where the core members of the band met. Also included are the animation played during the song Octavarium and 3 more live tracks plucked from the Portnoy archives from various years.

All in all one hell of an impressive package for $17 from an amazingly talented and under-appreciated band.


Yay, Mike Portnoy!


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