September 27th, 2007

Alright, it's been a while! I've just been entirely too busy with real life junk to have time to do anything for the ol' site, which is a shame since it's STILL so GOD DAMN sexy. I hope to try and remedy that over the coming weeks, but that just depends on how my schedule treats me.

The Top 25 Games Of All Time article is still on and the due date has now been bumped to sometime in October. This has to do with the fact that I've received very few submissions and I just haven't had time to work on my own revised list yet. So, if you're still itching to get on the ol' soapbox and tell the world that your favorite games rule, just follow the link above for instructions on how to do so and send it off to me. The article might not be posted till sometime in November now. Just a head's up to the people who have already sent me their shit.

Expect another one of Pat's long-winded Final Fantasy articles within the next 2-3 days.

No, I don't know when The Adventures of Pat and Polly will resume, yet.

So there ya go! I'm still alive and hope to get some things moving around the site a bit.


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