It's September 19th!
September 19th, 2008

...And you know what that means!

flash by Rhete


Why Yes We DO Have More Update!
September 16th, 2008

Well, would you look at that! Even more guest contributions!

Today, that old-new familiar face Vanor Orion drops by and delivers unto us a non-NES Week-related review of Quattro Adventure for the ol' Shoebox. Four reviews! IN ONE! IT IS TOTAL AND COMPLETE FUCKING MADNESS I TELL YOU!

Also, just because I know you're having a bad day...




Of Gods and Satanses!
September 15th, 2008

Today, we have another review from our newest contributor, Delf. In an effort to fatten up our little SNES reviews section, he pops in the classic simmy/action-platformer ActRaiser for all our enjoyment. Is he the savior or the ruiner? Only one way to find out, folks!


It's Final Fantasy Time in SMPS Land!
September 11th, 2008

It's that time again. Time for my bandwidth to spike and referrals to go nuts! It's super happy PAT UPDATES HIS FINAL FANTASY THINGO TIME! OH HAPPY DAY!

Today, Pat takes a bit of a detour from the main progression of the series and veers smack-dab into a brick wall as he dissects the red-headed stepchild of the series, Mystic Quest for SNES. I told you it was a happy day!

So, go read that. We'll be back next week with a couple more guest contributions, so have an OH HAPPY DAYs weekend!


It's Update Time in SMPS Land!
September 8th, 2008


I guess Mondays are okay when they bring you some brand-new content to the ol' smps though, right? And today is such a Monday!

Firstly, with just one update we have two firsts! Our first submission today comes from a new contributor named Delf, and it's another smps first, because he's the first person to ever re-review a game! He gives us a second take on Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for the DS. It's long and full of spoilers, so just a head's up to those who still haven't played and and want to.

We got some more fresh content today from Rhete with a brand-new installment of his Super-Fun Movie Reviews Feature. Today he gives us a look at Babylon A.D. Not to be confused with Titan A.E. Or something. So go read it or he'll cry.

Also, about re-reviews: Not something I'll probably do all the time and if you do request to do one it will be difficult to make me accept it unless it presents the game in a different way or something.

And that's all!


Shooting Stars and Rock Stars
September 6th, 2008

Stardate 61922.66 (I really don't know how these things work!)

The Starship Socksmakepeoplesexy encountered lifeforms near the planet Vanor Orion. A strange breed of creatures indeed. Communication with the species proved vastly difficult, as all they seemed to know anything about was Star Trek: Bridge Commander for the PC. The communications log can be accessed by clicking the link.

Okay, I suck at being a Picard. Mostly because I lack the bald and the accent. God damn it all!

While I'm here though, I'd like to talk about Metallica's new album Death Magnetic for a few moments. As most of the entire internet knows by now, I'm sure, the new album leaked earlier this week and after a few spins I have some words that I wish to type about it.

Strangely, most of the buzz I've read about the album post-leak seems to be generally positive. It's kind of rare since Metallica has been pretty anti-internet/anti-fans since Lars Ulrich got a stick up his ass about Napster, so I can't say the backlash they've received over the years on the net has been unwarranted. The flack is also deserved because Bob Rock pretty much ruined about 70% of their musical output over the course of the last 17 years.

In my not so humble opinion, I find the praise to be justified. A lot are calling it a "return to form," but I feel the album as a whole is more of a mix of everything Metallica has released in the past 20+ years - the good and the bad. Even though the things I haven't liked about their music in the past 12 or so years is still in there it somehow manages to gel really well with the stuff that was good.

You got your thrashy early Metallica throwbacks like "That Was Just Your Life," "All Nightmare Long," and "My Apocalypse" which are easily three of the best tracks on the album. The latter of which could easily be the sequel to ...And Justice For All's "Dyer's Eve." "The Day That Never Comes," "Cyanide" and "The Unforgiven III" wouldn't sound all that out of place on either Load or Re-Load. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" in all ways sounds like an outtake from St. Anger. Everything else just kinda falls in-between.

The album keeps a steady flow throughout its 75 minutes thanks to a nicely crafted playlist that keeps the faster and slower material in a nice balance.

The only real negatives to the album are that James Hetfield has been running on lyrically empty for years (seriously, "What don't kill you make you more strong" from the third track is just laughable and repeated throughout the song's entirety), a really fuckUGLY fade out at the end of the 9 minute instrumental "Suicide and Redemption" and the production sounds way too god damn wall-of-sound clip-happy. This MAY be the cause of a bad transcode, but I'll hold my judgement on the last one until the CD is in my hands next Friday.

Overall though, I quite enjoyed the album and have kept it in steady rotation throughout the week. Solid effort from the old fartbag whipping-boys. Now stay the fuck away from Bob Rock.


And with that, another update is done.

Coming up next week we have a couple new things expected to be popping up. One of them is a first for smps and another is probably the only reason some of you folks even read this site! Enjoy your weekend!


Ice Beam then Missile
September 1st, 2008

Vanor Orion makes sure we get the new months started on the right note with an excellent run-down of Metroid II: Return of Samus for the ol' pea-soup brick GameBoy. So make a shinespark dash over there and beware of the Omegas...

He's got another review waiting to go up a little later in the week, so stay jacked into the ol' smps for that too.

In other news, those interested in submitting to the site in the foreseaable future may wish to have a look at the announcement on the Submissions page.

Aaaaannnnnnd, I'm out!


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