If It's Not A Movie, It Should Be
October 22nd, 2005

Many special thanks and a heaping helping of extra chocolate chip waffles go out to KC Green of Rumblo.com for his excellent rendition of this crazy idea Kjilly and I concocted on some crazy trip to "The Brain Zone."

So, thank you Mr. Green for making our crazy lil dream a wonderfully hilarious reality!


Okay, It's Back To Normal
October 21st, 2005

I'd apologize for my dirty little Main page trick the other day, but I really don't care about you [REDACTED]mos all that much. Because, I'm just not a very nice person at all :)

Thar be a review up for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for the PS2, but I wouldn't expect much from either the review or the game.

'Kay, that's it for now. Ta.


October 18th, 2005




Fallout's Very Own Update
October 17th, 2005

That's right! How often is it that one of you lowly peons get your very own update? That's right, never! And this one wouldn't have happened either had I not flubbed and mussed up some things.

Getting started, I've updated the SMPS Top 10 Worst Games of All-Time article to include all of the sprites that Fallout did for the article. I somehow missed a lot of them when piecing the article together (read: I lost them intentionally, because I could sprite circles around Fallout and everyone else at 8EB!) I've also added them to the sprites page.

About 17 months ago (or so it seems anyway) Fallout also did a review of MechAssault that somehow never ended up getting posted (read: I waited this long intentionally because I could write circles around Fallout and everyone else at 8EB!). So, go give that a look too.

I know some of you out there might just be doubting my abilities to do things "in circles" around people. I get that a lot. People think I'm just a teensy bit full of myself. But I say give credit when credit is due, and God damn it, in my case it always is. So you've forced my hand you fucks. And you've done so at Fallout's expense.

Here's me writing a fucking circle around Fallout. I hope you fuckers are happy. I didn't wanna do this, but you made me. Now we can never go back to how things were after this.

Just...just leave now... I need to be alone...


Your "What The Fuck" Moment of the Day
October 15th, 2005

"In fact, we got a bunch of sociopaths in Edinborough, Scotland, sittin' around in kilts, sipping their single malt whiskey spreading racial, hateful stereotypes in this country."

~Jack Thompson. Not a racist.

Taken from here Totally worth the download if only for comedic value.


Yeah, Yeah, Whatever...
October 13th, 2005

So I guess I finally got off my ass and decided it was time to update. Got a bit burnt out on the net and the site, and I still am, but a lot of people did a lot of work and after a bit of a difficult week of on and off illness, the SMPS Top 10 Worst Games of All Time article is completed.

As you might expect, this is basically the opposite of the "Best Games" article describing games people just flat-out hated, or were overall disappointed with. I think it's a good read, so go check it out or something. No Mega Man Menu this time, but the graphics created for the article by Jack and Fallout_IIc have all been included in the article and in their own little pages of the site here and here.

And that'll probably be it for a while. I have another guest review to code up, but I'm too fucking lazy, but hopefully it'll get done by the end of the month. Another week-long series of reviews is in the cards, but I think the possibility of that ever being finished are probably diminishing, but we'll see.

101300 - myW.


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