A Case of The Halloween Funnies
October 31st, circlenine

You didn't think we'd let everyone's favorite creepy-crawly holiday go by without doing at least something did you? Well you were right, because I personally didn't do shit...

Who did do shit then you ask? And how big of a shit is it? Well, Ether's the one to blame if you must know and it comes in the form of two special spiffy Halloween-themed comics! Now, isn't that special?

Happy Halloween for MARIA!


He's Not So Scary When You Shrink Him Down
October 29th, circlenine

Just in time for that holiday where people dress up in dumb costumes and give out candy (god, I sure do love candy!) comes today's truly frightening review from FreezingInferno. Actually, I take that back, it's not just one, but THREE reviews-in-one! The subject? Well how about that somewhat overlooked Castlevania Trilogy on the ol' GameBoy? Those were the good ol days, yeah? When companies started shrinking their big name titles down to a soupy green tint for mass-consumption? head on over there and read that shit!

Also, nice update to the Japanese Cartoon License Wishlist with the news of a new license I was really, really hoping for!

Some people who are lactose intolerant can go to the emergency room!


Happy Vanortine's Day Part II: The Second Part!
October 28th, circlenine

I'm telling you people, Vanor Orion is some kind fucking review producing tank. I'm not even kidding. When this dude gets on a roll, just get the fuck out of the way or be crushed by the words and words and words that make up those treads.

Item number one on the menu is a Far Cry Vengeance review for the Nintendo Wii. The site's second of its kind. Never really cared much for the series myself, but you're more than welcome to see what Mr. Orion thought of the Wii-ized version.

Item number B is a a review of Silent Hill 4: The Room on PS2. A great little survival-horror series, if I do say so myself. I know quite a few fans who were let down with this one, but Vanor may or may not have a differing point of view.

And lastly today, Item number g94-776 is a review for Mega Man Maverick Hunter X on PSP. Talk about a mouthful... It's the first PSP review I've hosted on the site, so let's hope it puts up a good show for the kids at home, shall we?

So, I'll go ahead and let you get to that.

I'll also take this time to direct you to the previous entry below this one concerning submissions containing .doc files. I've also updated the relevant information in the submissions page so there shouldn't be any confusion.

There'll be another piece of Guest Contributation-type material tomorrow for you to read, so be sure to check that out as well.


The New No .doc Rule
October 27th, circlenine

Let me make it clear from the beginning, this new rule has nothing to do with any one particular piece of guest content I've received (though let's just call this "The Pat Rule"), it's the culmination of dealing with some problems with the format for the duration of the site's run.

From now on, I will no longer be accepting .doc files as Guest Contributions. This has a lot to do with various incompatabilities and formatting that can make editing of the articles a bit more of a pain and tedious than normal.

If you wish to submit content, make sure that the text is typed into a plain .txt file and include any image notations or whatever you need as usual.

I will update the submission guidelines later today to reflect this change. Sorry if this causes anyone any inconvenience. And again, no, this has nothing to do with any particular incident.


The Very Invisible Review
October 18th, circlenine

Yes, not terribly catchy with the titles tonight because I'm tired, but you'll learn to deal with it.

Tonight's update comes courtesy of SnS forum member RaiRaiRai, with a review plucked fresh from the Reviews forum (which I'm in the middle fo playing a bit of catch-up on, so you should be seeing more of these in the near future.) Anyway, he tackes a crack at the follow-up to a highly-regarded and successful hybrid action-RPG Deus Ex in a review for Deus Ex: Invisible War for the original XBORX.

Keep an eye out for more "plucked" reviews like this in the future. Until I get lazy again!


Happy Vanortine's Day!
October 15th, circlenine

I'm sure you folks remember Vanor Orion. Please, somebody help me out here, because I don't and the more I try and bullshit up an introduction the stupider I'm gonna look... Well, maybe not compared to that last haircut I just got...

Anyway, today, Vanor graces us with not one, but TWO new reviews to satiate that need for October readerizing while I still remain lazy!

First up, a review for a game a lot of us were looking forward to, but none expected to be as crappy as it was. Yes, it's the PS2 Classic, Devil May Cry 2! Fuck yeah, Devil May Cry 2! Who did love Devil May Cry 2? Did Vanor? Maaaaybe...

Up next comes the SMPS.Net's very first Wee Wee review. Whatever you do though, don't let them tell you it's a kiddie system okay? Becuase, Onechanbara - Bikini Zombie Slayers certainly doesn't fit that mould, what with its big ol titties and S&M wear. Does it fit the mould of a good game? Will I ever stop asking the same fucking questions in some kind of forced dramatic TV fashion while introducing content? I bet I'll tell you to click the link for the review to find out.

And I'll probably end this update with a typical one-line ender followed by adding something to my name to cap it off.


A Gentleman Leaves No Puzzle Unsolved!
October 11th, circlenine

What the hell? Where have we been for nearly a month and a half? Dead drunk on the couch on Skyy, maybe? Or, there just wasn't a whole hell of a lot to talk about, nothing to edit, and a week-long vacation. But fear not, October brings new content, so let's kick this shit then, shall we?

Been a while since we had a DS review around here, hasn't it? Noticing that, I whipped up a little review of the recently released Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box for you to look at. Yeah, I never officially reviewed the first one, but there's lots of instances of that on the site, so I'm very consistent at being inconsistent.

On the animu side of things there's a new entry in the License Wishlist. From now on, we can also consider this my "Go Ahead And Watch This While I Wait For A License" list.

And that's all for today!


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