Spreadin' The Word
November 5th, 2005

Since I can't afford to buy airtime on TV and Radio for this bitch to read her little article, I'll give it a nice healthy plug here.

Fuck Sony.


It Brings Me Such Joy
November 2nd, 2005

There aren't many other things in the world that get me off so hard quite as much as this wonderful video.

Nothing makes me happier than the sound of thousands of Apple fanboys crying out in unison. It's not that I hate Macs. I love working with them really, but the fuckpot fanboys need to shut up and die.


Seven Months!
November 1st, 2005

Last month, while in the ultra-cool and neatoriffic (read: [REDACTED]ed) 8 Easy Bits chat, the subject turned to my website and the insane amount of videogame content that's on it. I guess people don't think I do much else. While not far from the truth, there are, in fact many things I do enjoy outside of videogames...like sex for example. But I like to keep my content on subjects that I know my audience has some kind of knowledge of and experience with, so I can't do that. I also happen to enjoy anime, but not enough to dedicate any portion of this site exclusively to it. That shit's for otaku [REDACTED]s like Peaches.

In reality, this site has no real focus. It may appear to be a videogame-only site, but it was started with the intention of writing about whatever the fuck I wanted to write about. Videogames have just been a huge part of that over the first six months of this site's existence.

With that said, I hope to actually do something a little more with this site this month. I'm not gonna make any promises. Last month was an incredibly shitty month both physically and mentally for me, but now that I think I'm fixed I may have the energy to dream up something new, but we'll see. So stay tuned, [REDACTED]mos.


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