November 21st, 2008

Because Rhete is a crybaby!


It's Motherfuckin' Weaboo Tiem!
November 17th, 2008

November 17th brings the addition of a new Feature to the site. Not exactly new if you're me and have been staring at the damn thing on your hard drive since fuckin' July, but new for you, the reader!

I've gone completely fucking nuts and decided that it's time to do something a little more outside the box for me... so I present to you...

That's right, I'm talking about anime now and you're gonna shut the fuck up and listen. I launch this Feature today with not one, but TWO pieces of writing. The first is a retrospective of my history with anime. You'll laugh at the humble beginnings of a fledgling weaboo all the way to the horrible creature that I've become today, practically surrounded by the shit. And I'm learning the language...fuck.

Because I know that the ol' SMPS.Net isn't my fuckin' LiveJournal, I've also included a nice series review of Elfen Lied for you to have a look at. It should go without saying but THESE DAMN THINGS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Don't ask me how often this Feature will be updated. I have a different way of choosing what series to review than most people probably do, so don't go in expecting the newest fangle-dangled shit. More on that some other time.

It's come to my attention too that some other people are interested in writing about anime for the site. For now, I've decided that reviews from myself will currently be tucked away in their own Feature (come on, I've had this shit planned since JULY) and guest reviews will be put into a special heading in the Articles section for now. If the interest grows enough, I'll consolidate whatever ends up there and my vanity Feature into one global Anime/Manga/Whatever review section and nix my nameplate. That cool?

Anyway, this has been an update four months in the making (took a loooong time to handle some technical stuff, the writing was already finished), so to my friends in anime-tardom I hope you enjoy.


You're Small-time!
November 15th, 2008

We're taking a little trip back to January of 2005 and it's a trip I'm sure our dear friend Master of AFTER will be HAPPY to take with us.

Frequent contributor and avid Little Mermaid fan Vanor Orion takes us back through his history with Resident Evil and a look at Resident Evil 4. A game some of you may never have heard of, because it's fairly obscure and sold very few copies. So, why not enjoy a little history with your game review-ish type thing?

Also, I have one of them there twitter things everyone's using these days. Feel free to add me if you wish.

Who likes prizes?


Buuuuuurn Myyyyy Breeeeeaaad
November 8th, 2008

Shit, can you believe this year's almost already over? Where DOES the fucking time go?

Well I do know one thing, time flies when you're busy writing up a Persona 3 FES - The Journey review lemme tell ya what. Well, actually it's more like time flies when you're PLAYING a game like Persona 3 FES because the shit's nearly 100 hours long.

I'm breaking this one up into two separate reviews, with The Answer (Episode Aegis) coming at a later date.

Also, don't forget to register and post it up on the new smps/8EB forum "Sliders n' Socks."

If you do forget, we'll fucking kill you.


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