Aya Brea In The Shower. You Are Now 150% Interested In This Update
November 27th, 2010

So, how's everybody doin'? Did ya get all nice and plumped up, piggy piggy piggy? Well, if the title of today's update is any indication, there might be a few other things growing around here. My god, I can't believe I went there. Ugh. UGH!

He's been gone a while. Have you missed him? Who? Ohhhh! Yeah, I guess you kinda have to introduce a person first before asking those kinds of questions. Well, the person of which I speak is one Vanor Orion, and he's back with a vengeance with this evening's update. He's gone ahead and written one of them there review things about Parasite Eve 2, the not-so-warmly received sequel to one of Square's brightest stars on the PSX-era. But is all that hatred justified? Well, he'll be sure to answer that question should you decide to click that link up there. And you should. It'll make you un-fat!*

*I take no responsibility for any of the claims on this website. It's probably all hockey puck anyway!


Hunters Still Isn't Finished...
November 23rd, 2010

...but that doesn't mean that we don't have some other Hunters who'll come in and do the hunting for you. Also, nobody even knows what I'm talking about with this opening blurb right now, but I'm about to remedy that!

Hey! It's Thanksgiving week here in Fat Land (I am the master of transitions), and if you find yourself too immobilized by your own obesity to get up off the couch and do like the rest of us do and hunt down our spoils for the annual Holiday of Eating, then maybe local SnS forum-goer (and Phantasy Star Online fan, so that gives him auto-cool points) OsodeVuela can give you a bit of a hand (just don't eat it, fatty). In his first bit of guest contributated content to SMPS Interbutts Land, he opens his mouth and words fall out about Monster Hunter Tri on the Nintendo Wiiwii. I hope he's having a huntan good time!

Now, go get fatter, fatty!


Polly Is A Maverick And Being All Maverickey
November 19th, 2010

I"M GOING TO FRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY in today's update! I figured since I'm on this big ol' roll of not being lazy (god only knows how long this can last) I'd throw out a review I wrote for Top Gun: The Second Mission on NES and see how well it flies. That's right, I'm reviewing the second mission! Forget all those other stupid missions, because the second one is clearly where it's at. With two turntables, a microphone, and a bag of chips. Doritos. Who doesn't love Doritos? Show me this person and I'll show them a .20 gauge ticket into the door of good taste.

And with that, be sure to watch the skies for me!

All that and I didn't even make a "Danger Zone" joke. You proud of me?


A Game Is Good When Its Opening Theme Sings The Game's Name
November 13th, 2010

Check it out, I stopped being lazy again!

At least that's what our good pal and ever-patient guest contributator Beepner may be thinking. Or he's just cursing me for taking so long for getting his review up and never having the time to actually play games with him (sorry :( I work too much!) That game in question would just so happen to be Phantasy Star Portable 2 for the PSP, and as luck would have it he wrote a review for it so I didn't have to! Such a nice guy, that Beepner. Did Sega fucking finally get it right, or is it too little too late for a game that never had a chance to begin with. Find out in his extensive review.

Okay, I'm off to go be lazy again.


31 Days, 31 Updates Due Date
November 8th, 2010

Alright, boys and girls. Those of you who wish to contribute stuff for the big 31 Days, 31 Updates thing we're gonna be rollin' in January need to have everything in my Inbox by the morning of December 27th. Anything that comes in after that has no guarantee of going up during the event unless we've already made arrangements for your project to go past the due date (you folks know who you are) or if I have any extra editing time.

Secondly, during the month of December, as is typical for the site, we'll be going on break. The latest I plan to run updates on the site this year is December 6th. I'm not editing anything after December 5th. After that, anything that comes in gets moved to January.

So, to give a quick summary:
Final SMPS.Net 2010 Updates Due Date: December 5th
31 Days, 31 Updates 2011 Due Date: December 27th


This Update Is Gay
November 5th, 2010

Because, hey, I figure if we're gonna be offensive, I might as well just be up front about it.

Back during his Secret of Mana Let's Play with decoy octopus, Fat Kakashi off-handedly made a remark about having a list of villains he'd "go gay for." Almost immediately, the line struck a chord with many of our forumites and a small demand for such a list to appear on the site soon followed. Well, today, Mr. Kakashi has finally revealed his list of the top ten villains he'd go gay for. There's a nice and fun way to bring in the weekend!

Moving on, in the last mainpage entry I mentioned a due date being stated for the 31 Days, 31 Updates event happening in January. I've decided to give it just a little bit more thought and will be making a final concrete announcement about it on Monday, so keep an eye out.

Have a happy little weekend, folks!


One Rockin' Update
November 2nd, 2010

Oh my god, is it seriously November already? Are you kidding me? Where the hell did this year even go? If there's one thing I think we can all agree on, it's that time seriously needs to slow the fuck down. It's also that you should probably get out and vote today. Because I said so. Motherfucker.

After you've taken care of that little bit of business, check out this guy, Vash Koihime. What a guy! I mean, he sure is a guy, isn't he? Man, talk about a guy! Anyway, the reason I bring up dude man is because he's got a little something for you to read today. He's-a-givin' us something we haven't had in quite some time, which will also double as a preview of a certain feature that will be relaunching in January. That's right, movie reviews, and today, you'll get to read about one of the mid-90's high-profile action movies, The Rock. It's got fuckin' Sean Connery in it and everybody loves Sean Connery! Oh, and Nicholas Cage is there, too. I guess somebody out there likes him. Somebody...

And that's it for today, but remember that we're still accepting stuff for a January content blow-out. I'll be announcing the due date next update, so just a head's up.


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