Near The Circle's End
December 8th, circlenine

SMPS.Net: circlenine is officially over. Given how utterly tired I am after working some awesome 12-15-hour shifts as of late and given that I'll be doing that until the 18th PLUS holiday stuff, I really just don't have time to devote to the site for the rest of the year and won't be posting anymore updates this month.

Without a doubt, the circlenine was the biggest year ever for SMPS.Net. SNES Week was a resounding success (despite me thinking it'd be a total wash) pulling more guest contributed content than any event ever, we put together fun projects like the store, and welcomed even more new faces to our contributor pool. Statistically, as of the moment of this writing, we've served 585GB of content on the year. By the end of the month it will exceed 600GB served, which will be three times what we served last year, and thirty times what we served in 2007. I probably owe about 90% of that to Final Fantasy, no doubt...

Regardless, a big thank you goes out to those who continue reading the site and those who like to contribute. Granted, this site would still be here without you, because I do this for my own sake, but you guys certainly do make things a hell of a lot more fun and diverse. I hope to see you guys again next year.

Speaking of next year, I'm hoping to get it started off with a bang. January should be big, or at least I'm hoping. Guess you'll find out in a few weeks. Not only that, but next year will also mark SMPS.Net's 5th year anniversary, in which we'll probably....not do a damn thing at all! It's at least neat to know I've been able to keep this damn ship afloat for so long and not get completely bored of it! Notice how I keep bouncing from "we" to "I"? We should probably do something about that to at least remain a little more consistent. Or maybe I'm some giant hivemind computer. Who knows!

So, from the SMPS.Net to all of you out there, happy holidays or whatever and we'll see you after the circle's end!


Last Call For The Circlenine
December 2nd, circlenine

A couple doses of fresh Guest Contributated Content make their way into the final month of circlenine, so let's get to it, shall we?

sunburstbasser, a new friend who joined us during SNES Week, returns with some hawt, thick, and buttery shmuppy goodness with a review of the arcade shooter Battle Garegga. Being a fan of shmuppy goodness myself, I can say I'm excited!

And lastly today, another review plucked from the Reviews Forum over at the SnS Forums. Bakubon makes his SMPS.Net debut with a review for Resident Evil 5 on the 360. Some scary Zombie shootan just in time for the holidays! Again, SO EXCITED!

And on a final note today, just like last year, SMPS.Net will be "on hiatus" through much of this month due to me working long hours and general holiday business. So, consider this a last call to those working on something Guest Contributator-related and wanting it put up on the site this month. You should have that to me by December 6th and no later, or it'll have to be posted in January. It's not likely there'll be any more site updates this year after December 10th (barring special circumstances). Just a head's up to those who are working on stuff.

Another final note (because I haven't already written the last two paragraphs like this too... FUCK I AM THE WORST WRITER EVER!) I feel I've been a bit remiss in keeping the Contributor Central Index updated and have forgotten to add a few names to it (which I've corrected). If you don't see your name here and have contributed, gimme a holler and I'll get you up there. My apologies.

Okay, this entry is really finished this time.


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