31 Days, 31 Updates Final Reminder
December 22nd, 2010

Heya folks! How's that Holiday Season thing workin' out for ya? Yeah? Well, I don't really give a crap, so stop talking to the goddamn monitor, you fucking idiot.

This is just a final reminder that if you want in on that big 31 Days, 31 Updates thing, that you need to have your stuff in my inbox by the morning of December 27th. So, if you're planning something, now's the time to be on the ball, and if you think you're going to over-shoot that date (and are actually 100% sure you're doing what you say you're doing) now's the time to contact me so we can work out an extension to help you out. Again, only do this if you're definitely doing something. At this stage of the game, I can't be compensating for "maybe"s.

After the 27th I'll continue accepting contributations, but unless you've worked something definite out with me beforehand, there won't be any guarantees of it appearing during the month of updates.

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact me.

Happy Holidays!


Ending 2010 On A Bloody Note
December 5th, 2010

Yeah, yeah, it's a day early (and at this point I don't see anything else coming in to make tonight's deadline), so today's update is the final content update of 2010! Of course, since it's the last one, I'd wanna make sure that it's something that'll last you a good long while. Ya know...like...it takes you about 13 hours to read kinda while!

Fat Pat is doing us the honors today and on top of easing your horrible Sunday evening boredom, he's launching yet another long-running site Feature...

HOORAY! PAT IS FINALLY DOING SOMETHING WITHOUT THE WORDS "FINAL" and "FANTASY" in the title! Over the course of the next howeverhowlongmumblemumble, Pat will be dissecting the Legacy of Kain series for you and all of us to enjoy!

Today, he kicks off the brand-new feature by looking at Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain for the PSX. You've likely already clicked away by now, so I don't really have to type anything more!

And so, that "officially" wraps up 2010 for us here at SMPS.Net. We've grown quite a bit again this year, made lots of new friends, and had tons of new content. Tune in January for an all-out content'splosion starring many of your favorite SMPS.net contributators and maybe even a few new faces. It'll drive me crazy trying to put it all together, but I kinda sorta like you enough to make it worth it.

Thanks to everyone who's contributated this year, old and new, and we'll see you on the other side.

Also, remember them due dates.


Thanks To Technology, You Can Now Tell A Girl What To Do!
December 1st, 2010

Don't get your hopes up there, Sparky. This isn't some new kinda porn tech service the site is offering, but man I bet I could clear some good scratch if it was. I'd say I'm sorry if I crushed your hopes, but that is just something I'm NEVER sorry about. Too much joy to be had there, yo.

AAaaaanyway, we're rolling into the final month of the year, and who better to get things started off than a return visit from your favorite lawnchair salesman and mine, Vanor Orion? When he's not selling some of the finest lawnchairs the world has to author, he's talking. A lot. (Like a lot, lot!) And, of course, he's usually talking about videogames! The game he's talking about today is Lifeline for the PlayStation 2. Some may remember it as a unique game primarily controlled via voice. It's also a game that I own (scored it brand new for $3) but lack the headset to actually play. So, I'll just have to rely on ol' Vanor's opinion as to whether I should bother or not!

I should also remind you fine folks that the site's final update date this year will be December 6th. That means you have until December 5th to get me anything you'd like to see put up this month, or it gets moved back to January.

Also a reminder, that the due date for January's 31 Days, 31 Updates extravaganza is still December 27th.

Alright, I'mma go now!


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